Tuesday, January 16, 2018


There's a modicum of ice on the roads today here in Central Texas, so naturally the whole area's been shut down.  I'm home.  Wife's home.  Kids are home.  I've got a fire going, watching news on the television of the 100 car accidents the city's already seen this morning, and now digging on the news that we've got a new album from Preoccupations heading our way in March.  Listen to the moody "Espionage" below and pre-order "New Material" from Jagjaguwar.

Monday, January 15, 2018


A couple of years ago at SXSW, one of my must-sees was the amazing Welsh singer and musician Gwenno performing her solo work away from The Pipettes.  True to form, she was amazing, as was her album "Y Dydd Olaf," and i've been waiting for new music ever since.  Well, today's the day.  In March, Gwenno will release "Le Kov," another album sung entirely in her native Cornish in March on Heavenly.  Color me stoked.  Watch the video for first single "Tir Ha Mor" below and pre-order the record here.

RIP Dolores O'Riordan

The music of my youth just keeps dying away.  RIP Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries.  Your music soundtracked many a moment of my high school years.  RIP.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Jack White - Connected by Love

Jack White has always been kind of hit or miss with me.  I really dig on a couple of the older White Stripes albums, and the man is a vinyl enthusiast's vinyl enthusiast, and even if he's not your bag, you have to admit he's got talent flowing from every pore, but sometimes his brand of blues indebted rock just doesn't do it for me.  Sometimes it sounds redundant to me.  That being said, new single "Connected by Love," from the upcoming "Boarding House Reach" LP sounds like nothing he's ever done before while totally still sounding like something in his regular repertoire.  And it's kind of weird.  And i dig it.  Synths and organs and blues and gospel and guitar stomp and piano balladry all in one big pot.  Check out the video below.  And check out the album art above.  There's some serious Marc Almond shit going on in that thing.  It's cool.  The record is out March 23rd on Third Man.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Economy

Here's some lovely, airy, and meditative ambient pop from Indianapolis artist Gena Watson, otherwise known as New Economy.  Her new cassette, "Birth of Ergonomics," is out early next month on Warm Ratio, but in the meanwhile, check out the hypnotic visuals in the video for "Felt by Way of (An Emotionally Charged Aldous Huxley)" below.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Andrew WK - Music Is Worth Living For

It's been almost a decade, but eternal purveyor of positive energy and rock, Andrew WK is back in March with a new record, "You're Not Alone."  And somehow, there are only three songs with the word "party" in the title.  Listen to first single "Music Is Worth Living For" below.  It sounds like...well, it sounds like an Andrew WK song.  Also, be sure to catch the man live if ever given a chance.  He's unbelievably fun.  Party hard.

Friday Horror Trailer - Brain Damage


I saw Swedish metal band Tribulation a couple of years ago, and was kind of blown away by how overtly theatrical they were.  Combining aspects of death metal and black metal, but gothed up and played with earnest dramatic zest, the music and performance feels like theater kids aping our metal forebears but without a hint of irony.  They're buying into it, and so should you.  If you're only going to listen to one goth metal band today, make it Tribulation.  Watch the video for "The Lament" below and get the "Down Below" LP at the end of January from Century Media.

Louder Than Death

King Khan is a pretty prolific songwriter, releasing all manner of garage and psych rock for the eager masses to devour.  And every once in a while, he goes straight up punk rock, an always welcome endeavor from a highly entertaining artist.  Pairing up with Sean Spits and more for a snotty and abrasive project called Louder Than Death, the jams are sure to get you ready to throw a rock through a window.  Anyway, listen to "ABCs in Old Berlin" below and get the self-titled record from In The Red in March.

Pilotpriest - Green

Pilotpriest put out one of my absolute favorite records last year (or more succinctly, Waxwork re-issued it), and they've got a couple of new tracks out now.  Listen to "Green" below for all of your synth wave needs today and then go download it here from the artist.