Friday, October 18, 2019

Daily Jam (October Edition) - Dragula

Yeah, it's almost overly cartoonish and stupid, but i think i'd be doing everyone a disservice if i didn't include some kind of Rob Zombie song on my Halloween themed jams this month.  So, here's "Dragula," a song a like BECAUSE it's cartoonish and stupid, your Daily Jam.

October Horror Trailer - Fright Night

Jeff Rosenstock

Jeff Rosenstock, who put out one of my favorite albums last year with "Post-," just released a pay-what-you-want live album called "Thanks, Sorry!"  It's 29 tracks of punk-fueled alt-rock, and it's fantastic.  I have not been fortunate enough to catch Rosenstock live yet, so for the time being this will do.  Check out the live rendition of "TV Stars" below and download the whole thing here.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Jorge Elbrecht

The ever prolific Jorge Elbrecht has a new record heading our way in December.  And "Gloss Coma - 002" features guests like Sky Ferreira and Drab Majesty.  For the time being, check out the opening track, "A Mask in the Ash," a synthy, horror-laden little piece of death pop, and pre-order the record here.

October Horror Trailer - 10 to Midnight

Daily Jam (October Edition) - Suspiria

We did Thom Yorke's score for the remake yesterday, so it seems necessary to put up the original main theme to the original "Suspiria" from the legendary prog band Goblin.  Check it out below, our Daily Jam.

Witch!  Witch!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Daily Jam (October Edition) - Volk

I know there's a lot of hemming and hawing about remakes and all that, but we all have to admit that sometimes they're good, if not great.  Hell, some ("The Thing," "The Fly") improve upon the original.  Anyway, i loved, loved, loved last year's "Suspiria" remake, and part of what made it great (not better) was Thom Yorke's eerie score.  Check out "Volk" below, our Daily Jam.

Je Suis France

Georgia's Je Suis France throw a lot of different styles and genres at the wall to see what sticks, bits of psych rock and prog and post punk and krautrock and no wave noise.  And amazingly it all does.  New album "Back to the Basics of Love" is out next month.  Check out the fuzzy, crunchy, alt-rock leaning "House Style" below and pre-order the record here from Ernest Jenning Record Co.

October Horror Trailer - C.H.U.D.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Malibu is a French producer and ambient artist, and her debut EP, "One Life," is heading our way next month.  Check out the meditative, lifting, soaring, and cosmic "Tilting on Windmills" below and pre-order the record here from UNO NYC.