Sunday, May 26, 2019

Daily Jam - Cathedrals

I randomly caught a performance by North Carolina band Jump, Little Children 20+ years ago in College Station, TX of all places.  They opened for David Garza, and as good as a performer as he could be, Jump, Little Children completely stole the show.  And then we met them the next morning, hungover and eating breakfast one does in Texas.  Anyway, here's their somber and beautiful track "Cathedrals," our Daily Jam.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Cate Le Bon

At the record store yesterday and looking around and noticing how much stuff came out this week.  Far too much to procure in one afternoon, but "Reward," the latest from Cate Le Bon should be on everybody's radar.  I'm not overly familiar with her catalog, but everything i've ever heard from the artist is pretty darn good, and her work with the duo Drinks is stellar.  Anyway, listen to the odd, jazzy alt-rock opener "Miami" below and get the record here from Mexican Summer.

Daily Jam - Missing the War

Every now and then i find myself on a Ben Folds kick.  And i guess i'm there again today.  Here's "Missing the War," our Daily Jam.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Thursday, May 23, 2019


I was not expecting to hear about a new Cherubs album today.  When the the noisy '90s Austin band reunited a couple years ago, i figured we'd just get some shows and reissues and maybe a new song or two, but now in July, we're getting a brand new LP, "Immaculada High."  Check out the fried and psych-tinged "Sooey Pig" below and order the record here from Relapse.


Experimental noise artist LINGUA IGNOTA has a real talent in making music that's equal parts jarring, terrifying, and mesmerizing.  And she's got a new album headed our way in July, that if the first single is any indication, is going to be an absolute beast of a record.  Check out "Butcher of the World," an intense and creeping mix of noise, metal, opera, and classical music.  The artist screams and wails into the abyss alongside bits of crusty drone and tape loop and segments of Henry Purcell's "Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary" (also known as the theme from "A Clockwork Orange"), before fading away into haunting sung vocals, an eerie reprieve from what's to come.  Listen below and pre-order the "Caligula" LP here from Profound Lore.

Russian Circles

Russian Circles have a new album of proggy instrumental metal headed our way in August.  Check out "Arluck" before, a track that's starts out on a frenetic and punchy groove before descending into something that feels like an intense horror score.  It's awesome.  Listen below and get the upcoming "Blood Year" LP here from Sargent House.

Daily Jam - Voiture en Rouge

The Black Heart Procession were one of my favorite bands throughout the '00s, their particular brand of moody, spaghetti western tinged pop forever soothing and haunting my soul.  In 2004, they contributed to the "In the Fishtank" series, a collection of EPs featuring various collaborations of indie and underground artists, theirs paired with Norwegian prog band Solbakken.  The results were great...though it pretty much just sounded like a new Black Heart album, which was more than good enough for me.  Anyway, here's that record's opener, the kind of psychedelic French pop leaning "Voiture en Rouge," our Daily Jam.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Daily Jam - Dead in Love

I've always liked Queens of The Stone Age, but there's just something about Josh Homme's Desert Sessions that grabs me even more.  Maybe it's the collaborative spirit of the whole thing, or the rawness and immediacy, as the tunes are generally written and recorded quickly in as few takes as possible.  Whatever it is, they're great.  So, let's listen to "Dead in Love" from Vol. 9, our Daily Jam...