Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday Horror Trailer - Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Sandro Perri

Another record i missed out on earlier this year when it dropped in September, "In Another Life" by Canadian experimental, electronic, folk artist Sandro Perri plays like some lost new age tape recorded by a depressed crazy person channeling his inner Arthur Russell in a cabin in the woods somewhere.  Listen to the sprawling opening title tack below and get the record here from Constellation Records.

Pye Corner Audio - Satan's Little Helper

Here's a new pay-what-you-want track from synth artist Pye Corner Audio.  Just in time for Christmas, it's "Satan's Little Helper."  Listen below and get it from the artist here.

Sonic Advent Calendar: Day 14 - Someday at Christmas

It's kind of weird how 50+ years ago, pretty much every major artist turned out at least one Christmas album.  I guess some still do, but none of those really do it for me.  Anyway, here's Stevie Wonder's "Someday at Christmas" from the 1967 album of the same name.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sonic Advent Calendar: Day 13 - The Christmas Song

Here's a little Jackson 5 for today's Sonic Advent Calendar.  I try not to go with the most obvious song a lot of the time, so let's listen to the guys' take on "The Christmas Song."

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Mexican psych band Lorelle Meets The Obsolete have a new record of tripped out pop heading our way next month with the upcoming "De Facto."  Watch the video for the synth and groove heavy "Lineas En Hojas" below and pre-order the record here from Registros El Derrumbe.

Hermit and the Recluse

It's that time of year when i start discovering all manner of music that i missed out on earlier for whatever reason.  I'm a busy man, you know?  Anyway, i've felt like there hasn't been a lot of hip-hop on my radar this year.  It happens i guess, but until Earl Sweatshirt dropped his new album a couple weeks ago, nothing had really grabbed my attention.  And then i come across the wonderful and fascinating "Orpheus vs. The Sirens," the August release from Hermit and The Recluse, the project of Brooklyn rapper/producer/firefighter Ka and producer Animoss.  The album pairs streetwise stories with Greek mythology, all aswirl in lush, gorgeous, and at times tension-building production.  It'd be pretentious if it weren't so fucking good.  This is boundary pushing hip-hop and i am here for it.  I wish i'd discovered this when it came out.  Anyway, watch the video for album opener "Sirens" below and get the album from the artist here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sonic Advent Calendar: Day 12 - Do You Hear What I Hear?

Much like The Flaming Lips, there is some kind of ever present, underlying joy in everything that The Polyphonic Spree does.  It's in their hearts and souls, and will forever be inescapable.  And that pretty much makes the chorale pop band a perfect fit for Christmas music.  Listen to their take on "Do You Hear What I Hear?" from their 2012 album "Holiday Dream" below.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Sonic Advent Calendar: Day Day 11 - Get Behind Me, Santa!

I go back and forth on Sufjan Stevens, generally from song to song, either finding him to be a brilliant pop artist or a totally insufferable drag.  At any rate, when he's on, he's on, and his Christmas set from 2006 is a lot of fun.  Listen to highlight "Get Behind Me, Santa!" below.


Like watching the sun rise over the barren, icy landscape of some planet millions and millions of miles away, Iowa artist Archeress has created a droning, ambient, and at times dreamy layer of desolate sound to score this hypothetical interplanetary visit.  "Dream Reactor" drags and oozes and floats, 70 minutes of mind expanding and body removing audio.  Listen to the whole thing below and get it here from the artist.