Thursday, April 19, 2018

Minami Deutsch

Japanese krautrock...far out.  Psychedelic fuzz, bursts of stormy noise, and a motorik beat to tie it all together, the sophomore record from Minami Deutsch is equal parts brain melting and meditation.  Listen to "I've Seen a U.F.O." below and get the "With Dim Light" LP here via Guruguru Brain.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Some Record Store Day Recommendations

So, this Saturday is the day.  And while i don't get nearly as stupid as i used to, i still take the day off of work so i can go wait in line outside of a record store at the ass crack of dawn.  So i guess i'm still kind of stupid.  That being said, here are 5 releases slated for this year's Record Store Day that are on my "must procure" list, that should be on yours too.

1. Lulu - "Heaven and Earth and the Star" LP
This cool reissue of the Scottish singer's 1976 album features her "Man with the Golden Gun" Bond theme and a couple of David Bowie covers, of which Bowie himself produced and appeared on as instrumentalist and backing vocalist.

2 Demon Fuzz - "I Put a Spell on You" 7"
British afro-rock band Demon Fuzz only released a couple of albums and a single in the '70s, all of which are amazing and expensive, so i'm pretty stoked to be able to finally afford one, and it's a Screamin' Jay Hawkins cover to boot.

3. Ennio Morricone - "Autopsy" OST LP
So, the fantastic Arrow Films also releases records, and this one is for a weirdo horror movie scored by the legendary Ennio Morricone.  Sold.

4. King Black Acid - "Sunlit" 2LP
Originally released in 1996, Portland artist King Black Acid's second album features 3 epic tracks of sprawling, psychedelic '90s space rock, and this is its vinyl debut.  Hooray!

5. The Black Lips and The Khan Family - "Play Safe" 12"
Some collaborative garage rock from The Black Lips and The Khan Family, so you know King Khan will be there, and his daughter Saba Lou too.  This record should be killer.

So there you go.  Be sure to check out releases from The Flaming Lips, Brian Eno and Kevin Shields, Tom Waits, S U R V I V E, and more, more, more...

Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John

I've been posting nothing but dark and foreboding works this morning, so we definitely need to lighten things up a little, and lo and behold, here comes ever awesome Juliana Hatfield with a whole album of Olivia Newton-John covers.  I'm not gonna lie, i have a soft spot in my heart for ONJ, most likely the result of repeated viewings of "Grease" and repeated listenings of the "Xanadu" soundtrack with my older sister when i was a kid way, way back in the '80s.  And Juliana Hatfield has always been effortlessly cool, so this whole project is pretty much a home run.  Listen to the aforementioned "Xanadu" below, and then be sure to go download the album here and pick it up on vinyl here via American Laundromat Records.

Leila Abdul-Rauf

Here's some creeping, ambient, neo-classical music with a little bit of a Gothic sheen from experimental composer Leila Abdul-Rauf to darken up your skies today.  New album "Diminution" is a ghostly, ethereal work, the sound of walking through a foggy grave yard at midnight.  Listen to "Wayward" below and get the album here.

Lebanon Hanover

I feel like i've glossed over the band Lebanon Hanover for a long time now, their name popping up here and there on my radar for the last few years, but a blip that i never investigated.  That was stupid.  Bury me in regret.  Because after listening to the German duo's new album "Let Them Be Alien," i think i've probably missed out on a whole slew of dark and minimal coldwave post punk.  And that's a shame.  Anyway, don't do what i did.  Listen to "Alien" below, download the album here, and snag a physical copy here from Fabrika Records.

Black Dresses

When i was in high school, i got way, way into industrial music.  And thanks to bands like Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, i searched and listened to all manner of artist that made music in a similar vein, be it the Wax Trax back catalog, originators like Throbbing Gristle, plenty of German stuff, and the unifyingly awful run of mid-'90s torch carriers.  Then the style seemed to subside for a while, only to keep popping up more and more of late.  And i dig this new run of bands and artists, from the traditional to the strange.  Somewhere in the middle of those two descriptors lies Toronto duo Black Dresses, and their scorching, sneering debut "WASTEISOLATION."  It's noisy and abrasive with occasional grooves and a distinct feminine voice that hits all the doom and gloom notes in just the right way.  Listen to "Wiggle" below and get the album from band here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


June sees new music from doom metal band Yob, and we should all be super stoked about it.  The band has always tread in heavy and heady material, pairing Buddhist philosophy with crushing riffs and a kind of metal version of psychedelia.  It's awesome, and new record "Our Raw Heart" adds a dose of near death self reflection into the mix, the result of band front man Mike Scheidt's emergency surgery for acute diverticulitis last year and his ongoing recovery.  Listen to first taste "The Screen" below and pre-order the album here from Relapse.

Deafheaven - Honeycomb

I wasn't expecting new music from Deafheaven today, but here we go.  "Honeycomb" is the first single from the band's upcoming "Ordinary Corrupt Human Love" LP, due in July on Anti-, and it certainly sounds like Deafheaven.  Watch the video below.


Digging on some sardonic, eye-rolling rock from Chicago's Ganser, and making me believe that "the dream of the '90s is still alive," a pulsing and noisy slab of post punk, served icy and sneering...with butter.  Listen to boom bap bap of "Satsuma" below and order the "Odd Talk" LP here from No Trend Records.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.

The long running, mind bending, Japanese psych rock collective Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. are back again with a new record consciousness smooshing sonic mayhem.  A part of me believes these guys will be dolling out new and improvised guitar freakouts until the end of time.  New album "Electric Dream Ecstasy" is out now via Essence Music (get it here), so listen to album opener "From Planet Orb with Love Pt. 1" below.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Chrome Sparks

New York electronic artist Chrome Sparks bounces back and forth between retro sounding synth wave and all out club dance music, both to exuberant effect.  His new, self-title album is out now on Counter Records (get it here), and you can listen to album opener "Rocket" below.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Shadows and Mirrors

Illinois electronic artist Shadows and Mirrors splits the difference between movie score aping synth wave and new romantic new wave to create something sleek and bumping that could have been blaring from tape decks 30 years ago.  New album "The Wild Life" takes on '80s excess and the inevitable plummet back to Earth when the bubble bursts.  Listen to "Video Tapes" below and pre-order the digital album here for a dollar.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Honey Radar

Philly lo-fi psych pop band Honey Radar are back with another short slab of smokey, scratchy nuggets to get your head in the right place.  "Psychic Cruise" is out now on Chunklet Industries (get it here), and listen to the whole thing below.  Hooray!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Hollywood Burns

Horror scores and techno just mix okay!  I don't know why they do, but they do.  Anyway, here's some new horror movie inspired synth wave techno music from Paris artist Hollywood Burns.  Listen to "Carnal Encounters of the Third Kind" below and get "Invaders" here or here from Blood Music.

Friday Horror Trailer - The Grim Reaper (aka Anthropophagous)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Echo Ladies

When you're an artist combining elements and sounds of dreampop, shoegaze, and post punk, you've pretty much already got me eating from the palm of your hand.  And so we have Swedish trio Echo Ladies and their upcoming "Pink Noise" LP.  Listen to the swirl and reverb of "Bedroom" below and hear me swoon.  Then pre-order the album here from Sonic Cathedral or look for it in June.

Black Polygons

Here's some gorgeous and cinematic ambient electronic music from Parisian artist Black Polygons to help get you through this Thursday.  "Aricie" is the opening track to new album "Naïade," a short collection of swelling, haunting melancholy.  It's wonderful.  Listen below and get it here.

Michael Rault

I've seen Toronto's Michael Rault perform a couple of times in the past at SXSW, but unfortunately missed him this last go around.  And that's a real bummer too, because the new jams i've heard from the artist from his forthcoming "It's a New Day Tonight" LP are all excellent '60s/'70s inspired soft psych gems.  The latest is the AM radio indebted "Dream Song."  Listen below and get the LP from Wick Records/Daptone.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Jenny Hval

Norwegian artist Jenny Hval has been making interesting, avant garde pop for a few years now, and she's a got new EP headed our way next month on Sacred Bones.  "The Long Sleep" looks to be a shortened continuation of the experimental artist's explorations of sound and theme, a notion i'm all for after 2016's brilliant "Blood Bitch."  Listen to "Spells" below, a quasi-electro pop tune with flourishes of jazz and dreampop, and pre-order the record here.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Cold Cave

Thought it's been awhile since we last got a full-length LP from gothic synth pop band Cold Cave, and seemingly will be for awhile longer, the band has still released a fairly constant string of singles and such.  And i'll admit that this single format really works for them, each 3-5 minute burst of dark pop like an injection of oxytocin straight into my brain.  The band will be releasing the "You & Me & Infinity" EP in June, featuring last year's fantastic "Glory," as well as the equally fantastic title track.  Listen to it below and be sure to look for the record on Heartworm Press.

Gang Gang Dance

It's been seven years since we last heard from Gang Gang Dance, their "Eye Contact" LP being one of my favorite records of 2011.  Well, a lot of shit has happened since then, but judging by "Lotus," the airy, new wavey first single from upcoming album "Kazuashita," they haven't lost a step.  Listen to the song below snag the record in June on 4AD.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Henry Saiz & Band

Spanish artist Henry Saiz and his band spent the last two years travelling the world, writing and recording across the globe, taking influence from the all of the different places they visited and all of the different cultures they encountered in an attempt to create a kind of world pop album.  The result is new album "Human," out this week via Natura Sonoris.  It's a pretty ambitious project, and one that pulls its sound from several eras, genres, and styles, an eclectic musical opus.  Listen to "The Golden Cage (Dubai)" below and pre-order here.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Eels - Bone Dry

I haven't really paid much attention to long running alt-rock band Eels since 2005's sprawling "Blinking Lights and Other Revelations," though i still believe the group was responsible for two of the very best albums of the '90s and have made consistently good stuff ever since.  So i was a little surprised to find myself really digging on new song "Bone Dry" from the group's (or maybe just Mark "E" Everett's) new album "The Deconstruction."  The song grooves, and the accompanying animated video is fantastic.  Watch it below and get the album here.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Caretaker

Beginning almost 20 years ago, Leyland Kirby's The Caretaker project was originally a sonic homage and riff on the haunted ballroom from "The Shining," bits and pieces of music from old 78RPM records cut with static and spooky ambience to make a kind of otherworldly sound.  Since then, it has evolved into an exploration of dementia and memory loss, most notably with the artist's continuing 6-part album "Everywhere at the end of time."  Stage 4 is out now, as is Kirby's description thereof:

Post-Awareness Stage 4 is where serenity and the ability to recall singular memories gives way to confusions and horror. It's the beginning of an eventual process where all memories begin to become more fluid through entanglements, repetition and rupture.

Whereas Stages 1-3 had much of its musical samples and manipulations still somewhat intact, everything now begins to fall to pieces and vanish.  It can be a hard listen, but it's also achingly and devastatingly beautiful.  Listen to "Stage 4 Post Awareness Confusions" below and download the whole project so far here from History Always Favours the Winners.

Flowers Must Die

Noisy, Swedish psych rock weirdos Flowers Must Die have a new record coming out later this month, the follow up to last year's excellent "Kompost" LP.  "Där Blommor Dör" takes things even further, a trippy mix of noise and drone, hypnotic sounds and guitar freakouts, an inner head trip that ends in implosion.  Listen to "Oroa Dig Inte" below and order the record here.

Thousand Foot Whale Claw

Austin based experimental synth band Thousand Foot Whale Claw, a collective featuring members of S U R V I V E, Troller, Single Lash, and Future Museums, have a new album heading our way in June on Holodeck Records.  New age-y, electronic interstellar explorations to expand the mind with.  Pre-order "Black Hole Party" here and listen to the title track below.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Marissa Nadler - True Love Will Find You in The End

Folk singer/songwriter Marissa Nadler just put up a new album of various covers she's recorded over the years.  On "covers 2" she touches on everything from The Cure to Leonard Cohen to The Beegees.  Listen to her take on Daniel Johnston's "True Love Will Find You in The End" below, then get the album here.  Oh, and it's probably worth your time to check out the first installment as well, featuring the artist's stripped and haunted versions of songs by Radiohead, Duran Duran, The Magnetic Fields, and a whole lot more.


Mesarthim is very easily my favorite Australian black metal band that works plenty of synthesizers into their sound, along with references to astrophysics.  Don't let the fact that they're probably the only band that does this dissuade you from giving them a listen.  They kill it on every release.  New album "The Density Parameter" is out now, and you can get it here from the band for a dollar.  Listen to "Recombination" below in the meantime.

Sudan Archives - Nont For Sale

I'm still kicking myself for not catching LA artist Sudan Archives when she was here for SXSW.  And her new single "Nont For You" just piles on the regret.  A smoky, airy R&B jam full of dreamy vocals, slinky beats, and plucked violin strings that appear out of the ether.  This is thick sonic haze at its finest, completely and utterly intoxicating.  And holy shit, that is some amazing single cover art.  Listen to the song below, get it here, and be sure to grab the upcoming "Sink" EP from Stones Throw in May.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Austin's Levitation Festival is making its triumphant return this year, after getting cancelled last minute in 2016 due to bad weather and taking 2017 off entirely, this time around spreading its excellent lineup of artists among a slew of different venues in the city.  While i'm not going to be able to make it the festival at large, i was hoping to catch Slowdive and S U R V I V E performing on the same bill that Saturday during the fest.  Playing before the two of them however is a band called MIEN, and i had wondered just who the heck they were.  Well, now i know.  A supergroup of sorts featuring members of The Black Angels, The Horrors, The Earlies (!), and Elephant Stone, the band create a worldly and psychedelic swirl of droney, trippy rock.  Sitar abounds and it's awesome.  So now i think i will certainly be catching that show.  Anyway, listen to "Earth Moon" below and look for the self-titled album this Friday on Rocket Recordings.

Melody's Echo Chamber

Last year, French artist Melody Prochet announced the release of her recording project Melody's Echo Chamber's sophomore album "Bon Voyage," but then was in some kind of terrible accident that forced her to delay the record's release and cancel a whole bunch of live dates.  She's better now, and the psych pop record is now slated for release in June on Fat Possum.  Watch the trippy animated video for the album's second song "Breathe In, Breath Out" below.


Dreampop duo Exitmusic have new music headed our way later this month courtesy of the always dependable Felte Records.  "The Recognitions" sounds big and cinematic in scope, layering plenty of shoegaze fuzz and post rock grandeur into the mix to create something lush and epic to swirl in your eardrums.  Listen to "Trumpets Fade" below and pre-order the album here.

Grouper - Driving

Grouper's upcoming "Grid of Points" LP cannot get here soon enough.  Listen to stunningly stark an beautiful ballad "Driving" below and make sure to get the record later this month from Kranky.  Pre-order yours here.


Last year at SXSW, i was fortunate enough to see LA band Cherry Glazerr a couple of times.  Well, it now appears that band member Sasami Ashworth has left the group to focus on solo pursuits.  And so we have "Callous," a wonderful first single and signifier of things yet to come.  It's noisy, poppy, strange, and personal little tune that gets under the skin.  Listen below and be on the lookout for an album later this year.

John Maus - Episode

Last year, John Maus released the excellent "Screen Memories" LP and announced an upcoming vinyl box set featuring his entire discography along with an album of rarities and unheard material, appropriately titled "Addendum."  I'm a sucker for Maus's synthy, lo-fi weirdness, so new music from the artist is always welcome news.  Listen to "Episode" below, and get the album later this month on Ribbon Music.


Drinks is the collaborative band of Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley, a strange and quirky, and at times discordant lo-fi pop recording project.  Let me let the artists describe their thing for you:

A month spent in an old mill, river swimming, scorpion fear. No wifi. Night sounds, used frogs. Broken music, a crumble, a mysterious place. An album made for each other by one another with no piercing the bubble, the opposite of a typical recording experience. Tim and Cate serve Drinks again!

Sounds pretty cool if you ask me.  And i'll be honest, i was pretty much sold with the retro private press look of the album cover.  Listen to "Corner Shops" below and get the "Hippo Lite" LP from Drag City later this month.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Beach House - Dark Spring

Beach House's new album "7" is due in May on Sub Pop, and the duo has released another new track from it, the dreamy, shoegazey, psychedelia entangled "Dark Spring."  Watch the video for the song below.

Monday, April 2, 2018

RF Shannon

There's something to be said for the dustiest of modern Americana, the troubadours of the nation strumming out their psych, folk, and country tinged ditties for long car rides through the country and hot afternoons.  Austin area artist (Lockhart to be exact) RF Shannon's upcoming album "Trickster Blues" looks to be that perfect combination of psych, pop, and dirt.  Watch the video for the hazy and lazy "Black Madonna, So Divine" below and pre-order the album here from Cosmic Dreamer Music.

SSION featuring Ariel Pink remixed by Johnny Jewel

Earlier this a month ago maybe...i felt a case needed to be made for the Ariel Pink assisted SSION track "At Least the Sky Is Blue" to be considered a very early contender for song of the summer.  I still do, but now we've got a remix and an instrumental version of the song by Johnny Jewel to make an even stronger argument.  Listen to both below and download them here via DERO Arcade.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Lay Llamas

Just in case you were wanting to listen to something a little more frenetic today, here comes Italy's Lay Llamas, and their honking, wiggling, spastic groove-psych.  Taking slices of surf rock, jazz, world music, psychedelia, and some all around wonkiness, the band's upcoming "Thuban" LP blasts sound in your face, smearing your brain along the universe.  And with assists from members of fellow psych troubadours Goat and Clinic, this is one to cram all the way into your headspace.  Listen to "Silver Sun" below and get the record in June on Rocket Recordings.

Girls Names

May brings us new music from Belfast post punk band Girls Names, just in time to darken the skies.  "Stains of Silence" is cold and moody, and brooding kind of record that feels like watching the storm clouds roll in, and cold rain begin to fall.  Listen to the oozing "25" below and pre-order the record here from Tough Love.


Australia's been churning out a great array of pop lately, from psychedelic mayhem to jangly, surf-indebted pop.  For the latter, check out the latest album "Changes" from Vacations.  Summery, melancholy little nuggets to get lost in the haze to.  Listen to "Moving Out" below and get the album here via Human Sounds Records.


Here's a little lo-fi, bedroom pop for your pre-holiday Saturday.  New York's CASTLEBEAT draws from goth, 80's pop, dreampop, and shoegaze and ties it all together in a nice jangly bow.  Listen to "Here" below and snag the "VHS" album here via Spirit Goth Records.

Failure - Dark Speed

We got new Failure yesterday!  I had heard a rumor that there were some possible EPs in the works for 2018, and the first (of four) is out now.  Watch the video for "Dark Speed" below.  The song's got a real motorik krautrock kind of thing going for it, and it works.  The "In the Future" EP is available for download from the band here, where you can also pre-order the other EPs as well as an LP that will compile the music later in the year.  Hooray!