Sunday, December 30, 2018

Mythic Sunship

It's always a treat when you find a new band, only to discover that the label they're on is a veritable giving tree of amazing artists you've never heard of.  El Paraiso Records is such a label.  After digging on the kosmische pastiche of Futuropaco earlier this year, i explored the rest of the roster the far out label had to offer, and it's a bounty of riches.  Take for instance "Another Shape of Psychedelic Music," the latest album from mind melters Mythic Sunship.  An absolutely consciousness pummeling disc of sounds, the record combs the more cosmic and brain fried elements of free jazz, psych rock, prog, and Krautrock to blast your senses into the infinite expanse.  Listen to "Elevation" below and get the record here.

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