Monday, February 18, 2013

Sven Libaek

Sometimes listening to a steady stream of garage and psych rock, hip-hop, synth and electronic, heavy metal, and on and on and on can finally reach to levels of the mundane, and thus we are forced to scour the cracks and crevices of pop music to find something new (or old, but new to us).  I was first introduced to composer Sven Libaek on a compilation CD from the excellent Trunk Records, a label that specializes in obscure and hard to find library music.  I dug the mix of classical, jazz, funk, and pop, but never really sought out more music from the man.  Cue the reissue release of the "Inner Space" soundtrack, a 1970's Australian documentary series on ocean life from Votary Records, and now i'm absolutely hooked on the stuff.  Listen to the short but awesome "Main Title Theme" below and order a copy of the record here.

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