Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Found Vinyl: Children of The Night - Dinner with Drac!

Every decade is plastered with novelty hits of some sort or another.  Some join the cultural lexicon while many others become the forgotten relics of bargain bins and memories, occasionally popping up in some ironic incarnation or another.  Children of The Night's 1977 album "Dinner with Drac!" piles on the shock and schlock of the Universal monster movies with some old school Rock & Roll.  The result is an interesting album i would have loved when i was five, but that i still kind of dig now.  The title track is a cover of cool ghoul John Zacherley's 1958 tune of the same name.  The Children of The Night's version of the jam ups the rock aspect a notch, but keeps the cheese that makes it special.  The rest of the album features skits and more songs about monsters.  All in all, a fun listen and a "hipper" counterpart to the old standby "Monster Mash."  I'll have to be sure to bust this one back out during Halloween.

Below is a 1984 video shot for the title track by Bruce Dunn.  It's complete and total cheese, but fun nonetheless.  Give it a look.

I'll be back with another one of these next week.

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