Monday, November 18, 2013

Found Vinyl: Demon - The Unexpected Guest

Just look at that album cover.  Is it a demon's snarling, ugly face or a body builder's torso?  It doesn't really matter, because it's delightful and delicious cheese.  In a lot of ways, cheesy 80's British metal is the best kind of metal.  Classic riffs, goofball lyrics, and grand posturing is such an easy pill to swallow when there's a complete and utter lack of irony.  That earnestness and "Hail Satan!" goofiness make Demon's 1982 album "The Unexpected Guest" such a fun ride.  Sonically, there's a lot in common with Judas Priest and the other acts that came out of Britain's new wave of heavy metal in the late 70's and early 80's.  Did i mention that it's fun.  This is the kind or record that makes me want to cut my hair into a mullet, put on some tight jeans and a tank top, and go hang out in a parking lot somewhere smoking cigarettes and glaring at passers by.  Yeah, it's that kind of record.  Take a listen to "Don't Break the Circle" below.

Are you adequately pumped up?  Now, here's "Deliver Us from Evil."

And finally, here's "The Grand Illusion."  No go out there and rock!

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