Sunday, January 26, 2014

Found Vinyl: Kim Fowley - International Heroes

You may not immediately recognize the name Kim Fowley, but you've almost certainly heard his work before, as he has contributed to bands like KISS, Alice Cooper, and The Modern Lovers, as well as introducing the world to The Runaways.  "International Heroes" is Fowley's 1973 solo album, a grand affair of glam rock with sprinkles of prog and old fashioned rock n' roll strewn throughout.  And it's fantastic, a perfect snapshot of the 1970's glam rock scene.  Fans of Bowie, Roxy Music, T. Rex, and The New York Dolls will dig on this.  So, let's hear a few tunes.  To start, here's the more somber and brooding "I Hate You."

And here's the thumping and strange "Born Dancer."

And finally, my favorite, the album title track.

Spain's Vinilisssimo Records are set to reissue "International Heroes" next month.  No word on a stateside release, but it's definitely worth searching out if you're a glam fan.

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