Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Aubergine MACHINE - Sundown

Let’s just go ahead and file this one under things I would never expect myself to dig, but somehow, inexplicably so, find myself enjoying the heck out of. South Florida’s Aubergine MACHINE, the electronic duo of producer Ian Carey and vocalist Shanti Ellis, craft danceable, hummable electro-pop numbers to groove and move to. Their latest single is “Sundown,” a seemingly endless summer jam, a cure for the everlasting heat and sweat endured in the southern Florida region (and here in central Texas too). The song is warm and flowing, but there’s also an airy dreaminess to it, that paired with the high-pitched vocal effects gives the tune a kind of alternate reality dance floor transcendence. It’s never just straightforward techno-pop.

Shot by the duo in the woods and swamps of Florida, the video for “Sundown” adds a visual layer to the song, a nature meets technology vibe that feels glossy and organic at the same time. Fittingly enough, the bonfire at video’s end would be the perfect location to jam this track, a party and celebration as the smoke floats away and the burning embers light up the night sky. Watch it below.

“Sundown” is the duo’s third single released so far this year. Take a listen to their earlier efforts below, the synthy slow burn of “ASMR” and the smooth space disco of “Hostage.”

You can keep up with the goings on of Aubergine MACHINE at their Soundcloud page.

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