Saturday, August 20, 2016

Helena Deland

As much as i'd like to partake in the Frank Ocean bonanza that's going on online on the internet right now, i'm abstaining since the only way to hear/see all that stuff is via Apple Music...and i refuse to succumb to the Steve Jobs machine.  No Apple.  No iTunes.  No iPhone.  (Maybe i have an iPad, but it was gift, damn it.)  It's overrated, underwhelming, monopolistic bullshit, and i want no part of it.  SO, let's all drift away on some wonderfully lush and beautiful dreampop from Montreal artist Helena Deland.  "Baby," from the new "Drawing Room" EP is a haunting and gorgeous piece of smoky pop music, the perfect selection to begin a dreary, rainy Saturday morning...or for just about anywhere or anytime else too.  Listen below and get the EP here.

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