Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Microcosm:Visionary Music of Continental Europe 1970-1986

When Light In The Attic puts together a compilation, they really go all out.  Following the lead of 2013's excellent "I Am The Center," a compilation of American private issue New Age music from the latter half of last century, "The Microcosm" tackles music in a similar vein from Europe.  Like its predecessor, "The Microcosm" looks to reevaluate what has always been perceived as an unhip genre, but this time around with a smattering of prog, krautrock, and ambience in the mix.  Take a listen to the floating and simmering "Shiva's Dance" by Suzanne Doucet and Christian Buehner below.  It's the sound of the cosmos, a glance into the ever expanding universe.  Then pre-order the album here.

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