Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Popera Cosmic

Finders Keepers does it again.  One of those Holy Grails of record collectors, the wild, frenetic, and hypnotic "Les Esclaves" LP from French jazzy psych pop band Popera Cosmic, which has been out of print for nearly half a decade, makes its triumphant return in August remastered for the masses.  The record, made with the help of members of Space Art, Guy Skornik (who would later make all kinds of wonderful sounds for Alejandro Jodorowsky), a teen-aged Jean Michel-Jarre, and Jean Rollin orchestrator Paul Piot, is a sonic freakout that would go on to influence folks like Serge Gainsbourg and Magma.  Some mind bending stuff right here.  Listen to "Poursuite" below and order the record here.

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