Monday, May 14, 2012


Let's take a trip back to the factory dance floors of the seedy nightlife of 1970's NYC and 1980's Chicago to bask in the glow of of the strobe lights and smoke and listen to the thumping rhythms of menacing drum machines and the Satanic majesty of darkwave synthesizers.  The dark, underbelly of techno music that birthed acts like Ministry and Skinny Puppy.  Keyboards and power tools.  It went away for awhile, but a new breed of artists are revisiting this computerized road to hell.  Brooklyn duo Innergaze get the pulse of the moment just right with their second LP "Mutual Dreaming."  Eight tracks that prove that taking a tab of ecstasy and playing with a synthesizer is still a good idea.  Listen to the title track below and grab the album from Minimal Wave/Cititrax.

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