Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Knife

My younger, more impressionable years were spent idling the time away with a plethora of electronic music, via the stomping industrial vibes of Wax Trax, the drug trip that is The Orb, the nightmare inducing sounds and images from Aphex Twin, or the plain old retro booty shaking of Daft Punk.  And then we parted ways as i explored new pastures only to be drawn back into the fold in 2006 with the now iconic "Silent Shout" from Sweden's The Knife.  2013 finally sees the proper follow up to that amazing album with the forthcoming "Shaking the Habitual" from Mute.  (For some reason or another, 2010's Darwinian electro-opera "Tomorrow, In a Year" doesn't count.)  At any rate, we are very, very excited about the new jams.  Watch the video/short film for first single "Full of Fire," directed by Marit Östberg below.

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