Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Favorite Movies of 2012

It was a little hard to pick my favorite movies of the year this time around.  I usually just go with three (a well done blockbuster, a B-movie free-for-all, and an arty-farty flick).  This time around, i just picked seven movies that i really liked, a super hero spectacular, a beautiful film about life and death through the eyes of a child, a true story Texas murder, a deep south Spaghetti Western, a ridiculous DDR tale, and some more Texas murder.  My favorite of the year however has to go to the hilarious complete dissection of the horror genre that is "The Cabin In The Woods."  I could watch it over and over and over again.  Here's some posters.

The Cabin in The Woods

The Avengers

Beasts of The Southern Wild


Django Unchained

The FP

Killer Joe
I haven't seen "Looper," or "The Imposters," or a ton of other movies yet, but for now, these are my picks.

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