Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Found Vinyl: God Less America

The amazingly awesome compilation "God Less America," or "Country & Western for all ye Sinners 'n' sufferers, 1955-1966," mines every crack and crevice across the country for solid gold nuggets of old school country and Americana.  Originally released in 1995 on Crypt Records, the album gives us a sample of real country and western music from a bunch of artists that you and i have never heard of.  Funny songs.  Depressing songs.  Just plain odd songs.  This is the kind of stuff Waylons and Merles of the world would have dug on, and to a later degree, the boys of Ween.

The record's been out of print for a while as far as i can tell, but i was able to find a smattering of tracks on youtube, so grab a beer and a pack of Marlboro Reds and enjoy a couple of tunes of good ol' country music.  "The music of pain."

Hi-Fi Guys - "Rock 'N' Roll Killed My Mother"

Troy Hess - "Don't Go Topless Mother"

Mohawk and The Rednecks - "Enchanted Forest"

I can not get enough of this stuff.

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