Friday, August 22, 2014

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

For the last few weeks, the awesome folks over at Death Waltz Records, purveyors of horror scores galore, have been teasing an upcoming release of something they have been calling Death Waltz Originals.  Well, the announcement was made yesterday that said original release is a brand new and original score to Tobe Hooper's classic 1974 film "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" performed by horror score enthusiasts/revivalists Umberto and Antoni Maiovvi.  Even better, next month at Mondo-Con here in Austin, they will be screening the film with an accompanying live performance of the new score.  Even better still, the LP will be available to ticket holders.  I'm stoked.  Word on the street is that they've only pressed 800 of these, and that they'll only be available at the Mondo-Con screening and then later on at Beyond Fest in LA.  I want.  I want.  I want.  Listen to "Meathook" below.

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