Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Heavy metal has been in a bit of a Renaissance period of late, with a whole slew of releases coming out these last couple of years from new bands and old bands alike the reshape, redefine, revive, and all around revitalize every genre and sub-genre to blast into our ear holes.  Doom, stoner, sludge, black, and on and on have seen bombastic and shredding new albums added to the pool of noise.  It's been pretty damn cool.  "Clearing the Path to Ascend" is the latest album from the three-piece doom-purveyors of Yob, and it's a loud and crunchy monster, a perfect representation of everything that doom metal is supposed to be.  Take a listen to the sprawling wail of "Unmask the Spectre" below and get excited.  Then get the album via Neurot next week.  Hooray!

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