Thursday, September 18, 2014


I first saw New Orleans avant-noise duo Caddywhompus in 2010 at the Free Press Summer Fest in Houston.  Despite the heat and the rain, they killed it, making a ruckus and blasting the earholes of the hundred or so people watching them on the small, parking lot stage.  It was with much excitement and glee that i caught them a year the same festival...on the same front of the same group of sweaty fans, this time in blistering, near 110 degree heat, and they killed it again.  Naturally i bought their record, and then never heard from them again.  Until now.  The duo are set to unleash their sophomore effort, "Feathering A Nest," in November on Community Records.  Listen to the noisy, but blissful "Stuck" below.  Glad to have these guys back in the fold.

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