Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Guest

I have not had the good fortune to see Adam Wingard's latest film "The Guest" yet, though i hope to remedy that sometime in the near future.  It looks fucking cool.  What i have had the good fortune to check out is the soundtrack, which is equally fucking cool.  Featuring a mix of darkwave, synth, and goth, both old (Love and Rockets, Sisters of Mercy) and new (SURVIVE, Gatekeeper), the soundtrack feels similar to the one for "Drive" from a couple of years back.  It's moody, retro, and slick as hell, and sounds like the awesome mixtape your weirdo friend in black nail polish would make for you.  Dig it.  The album is available digitally from Amazon right now, but hopefully we'll have a vinyl version out soon.  Stream the whole thing below.

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