Sunday, June 5, 2016

Daily Bowie - Space Oddity

I might as well finish it where it all began for me.  "Space Oddity" is the first song by Bowie i ever remember hearing...and loving instantly.  In elementary school, i used to listen to a local classic rock station at night when i was supposed to be sleeping.  I discovered a lot of old rock n' roll that way, but "Space Oddity" was always one of those songs i would cross my fingers and hope i would hear every night.  And that would eventually lead to the last 30 years of Bowie adulation.  It's been a lot of fun posting all of these songs over the last five months, and it's been a great way to rediscover my all time favorite artist.  His death really affected me, and continues to, and i'm going to continue to miss him and his wonderful art.  But we'll always have the music.  And we'll always have the movie rolls.  And who knows?  I may end up posting a random Bowie song here and there, but for now, we're at an end.  Please enjoy "Space Oddity," your Daily Bowie...

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