Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Horseback - Shape of the One Thing

Chapel Hill's Horseback is one of those bands (or one-man-bands) whose influences are so vast and eclectic, that you can never really be sure what to expect when a new album comes out, or even where it's going to go from track to track.  Elements of country, Americana, dark folk, psychedelia, drone, black metal, electronic, industrial, noise, ambient, and on and on and on creep in all over the place, creating a oeuvre of sonic art that's really unparalleled by Jenks Miller's contemporaries.  Just listen to the synthy, grooving, almost krautrock-like precision of "Shape of One Thing" from the upcoming new album "Dead Ringers."  I certainly wouldn't have expected this direction based on other albums and songs i've heard, but at the same time, how could i not expect another 180 degree turn?  At any rate, it's a really cool jam, and i'm stoked for a new album.  Get it from Relapse in August.

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