Saturday, December 23, 2017

Planning for Burial - Below the House (version)

So this is pretty damn cool.  Earlier this year, experimental/shoegaze/drone/doom/metal band Planning for Burial released their excellent "Below the House" LP.  Before the album was released, the artist dubbed the entire thing to a cassette and then degraded that heck out of it.  "Below the House (version)" is the result.  In the artist's own words:

This is not a simple cassette version of the album "Below The House" which was released by The Flenser on LP/CD/Digital in March 2017. This is an experiment in sound/tape degradation using that album as well as other elements as the source material.

Audio taken from a cassette dub that was buried for 2 months in my garden during early winter 2017, then it sat baking in the sun on the dashboard of my car for an additional 5 months before being ripped for production.

Stream the whole thing below and download it from the artist here.

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