Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Austin's Levitation Festival is making its triumphant return this year, after getting cancelled last minute in 2016 due to bad weather and taking 2017 off entirely, this time around spreading its excellent lineup of artists among a slew of different venues in the city.  While i'm not going to be able to make it the festival at large, i was hoping to catch Slowdive and S U R V I V E performing on the same bill that Saturday during the fest.  Playing before the two of them however is a band called MIEN, and i had wondered just who the heck they were.  Well, now i know.  A supergroup of sorts featuring members of The Black Angels, The Horrors, The Earlies (!), and Elephant Stone, the band create a worldly and psychedelic swirl of droney, trippy rock.  Sitar abounds and it's awesome.  So now i think i will certainly be catching that show.  Anyway, listen to "Earth Moon" below and look for the self-titled album this Friday on Rocket Recordings.

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