Thursday, May 10, 2018


Did you miss out on something cool a few weeks ago on Record Store Day?  Never fret, because as happens every year, a string of those releases that were maybe over-pressed, or were maybe always meant to be available to wider market later are popping up online for your consumption.  The items in particular that pique my interest are the RSD UK stuff that didn't make stateside to begin with.  One of those releases is the compilation album from Burning Witches Records, "Communion," a companion album of sorts to the "Halloween Witch's Brew" tape the label put out last Cassette Store Day (yes, that's a thing).  It's another cool mix of dark synth wave featuring Deadly Avenger, Timothy Fife, Graham Reznick, and more to soundtrack your descent into madness.  Stream the whole thing below, download it here, or snag a physical copy from Mondo while they've got 'em.

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