Monday, March 25, 2013

Sky Ferreira & Twin Shadow

In a lot of ways, Sky Ferreira represents most everything i hate about modern popular music.  She's a model/actress/performer/blah blah blah, a bubblegum princess manufactured for the masses to be consumed and spit back out like so much Britney Spears.  Seriously.  Just look at the vapid expression on her face.  That being said, i enjoyed her at SXSW in spite of myself, and despite her claims of illness (a ploy to cover her lack of a singing voice maybe?), the show was full of energy and fun.  "Everything Is Embarrassing" comes from her "Ghost" EP, a short collection of songs that sways between personal bedroom folk pop and all out dance tunes.  It kind of feels like throwing a bunch of different styles at the wall to see what sticks.  My money's on the dance tunes.  So, if you're in a head-bobbing mood and want a glimpse at what the kids are maybe into these days, check out Twin Shadow's remix of the aforementioned "Everything Is Embarrassing."  I like it better than the original.

And here's the original version for comparison.

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