Monday, March 25, 2013

They Live

The UK's Death Waltz Records clearly desire to knock it out of the park with each subsequent release.  From the soundtracks they select to reissue to the always knock-your-socks-off art print covers that accompany each release, i am blown away every time.  Their newest reissued film score goes to none other than the John Carpenter masterpiece "They Live," featuring the synthy blues of the director and co-composer Alan Howarth.  Artist Gary Pullin really did an excellent job with the cover art as well.  It's out now, so you should get it!  Listen to "The Siege of Justiceville" below.

And if reissued horror soundtracks with new original art covers are your bag, check out Mondo for some equally excellent releases as well (though they sell out crazy quick).

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