Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thurston Moore - Aphrodite

While i'm not one to dissuade a music artist from tackling any and all manner of sounds he or she wants to attempt, digging on the roads less travelled and all that good shit, i've still got to admit that an impressive return to form from an all time favorite gets me a little giddy.  Ex-Sonic Youth founder Thurston Moore's latest solo output, the noisy and swirling guitar rock of "Rock n Roll Consciousness" feels like the best work he's done in years, and goes off like a kind of nostalgia bomb in my head, but not detrimentally so.  Get the album from Caroline International and watch the video for "Aphrodite" below.  It looks and sounds like something we all would have seen and loved on "120 Minutes" back in the day.

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