Monday, August 7, 2017

Dean Hurley

It's pretty safe to say that i've been on a bit of a "Twin Peaks" binge of late.  Ever since the premiere of the season 3, "The Return," several weeks ago, i've been glued to my television every Sunday night, and filling in the rest of the week with articles, viewings of the original series, "Fire Walk With Me," and oh so many music cues.  The music has all been fantastic, and true to all David Lynch's work, the ambient sound design in between songs is just as entrancing and important.  And so we have "Anthology Resource Vol. 1" from Lynch collaborator Dean Hurley, a collection of ambient work that has appeared on "The Return."  For Peaks obsessives, this is an essential listen, each piece of sound weaving its way into your brain and pulling you out.  Stream the whole thing below and download it here from Sacred Bones.

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