Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Suspiria Trailer

I'm not against remakes, as i've enjoyed far, far too many of them to ever be so bold...but i'll admit that i had reservations aplenty when news first started to come out about a "Suspiria" remake.  I may have rolled my eyes.  But then i'd hear some casting news (Tilda Swinton!), or that Thom Yorke was providing the score, or that critics and viewers had had quite the visceral reaction to a scene premiered at a film convention, and i thought that maybe we're on to something here.  Maybe it's going to be alright.  And then yesterday the first trailer dropped, and i am in.  I mean, just look at this thing.

I love that they've kept a certain '70s horror aesthetic to the proceedings, and the atmosphere looks heavy and foreboding.  I love, love, love what i'm seeing here, and am now completely on board.  Get this film in front of my eyes stat!

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