Thursday, July 21, 2016

Julee Cruise and King Dude

Of all the things i expected to come across today, new music from Julee Cruise certainly wasn't on that list.  Best known for her haunting vocal contributions to the soundtrack for David Lynch's "Twin Peaks," Cruise carries a smoky mystique about her that has been highly influential to artists of a similar ilk for the last 25 years.  On the new 7" split with dark folk and rockabilly troubadour King Dude, aptly titled "Julee Cruise and King Dude Sing Each Other's Songs For You," Cruise sings the King Dude penned "Animal" on the A-side, while he takes on "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart" from Cruise's 1989 album "Floating into the Night" on the reverse.  The duo feel perfectly and heavenly aligned to make music together, and i hope this is just the beginning of a Julee Cruise resurgence.  I'd also be down with King Dude supplying some music for any future David Lynch project.  Pre-order the record (in one of four colors) from Not Just Religious Music, and listen to both tracks below.

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