Friday, July 15, 2016

William S. Burroughs - Let Me Hang You

This is definitely one of the stranger recordings i've heard in a long time, but it took years and years to finally make it to our earholes, and it's wonderful.  The story goes as so: a couple of decades ago, writer and icon William S. Burroughs was asked to record audio readings of his favorite sections of "Naked Lunch."  Those recordings were then handed off to Bill Frisell and Wayne Horvitz of Naked City fame to add musical accompaniment.  Classical and experimental composer Eyvind Kang also contributed.  For some reason, the project was eventually abandoned and sat on a shelf for years...until Hal Willner, one of the original producers on the project, unearthed it and got the garage-psych-soul-punk rock wunderkind King Khan involved to add his own sounds and love to the recordings.  And now we have "Let Me Hang You," a collaborative experimental, psychedelic, spoken word record to melt your fucking minds.  Listen to the title track below and get the record here.

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