Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Les Demons

You can never go wrong with any of the weird and wonderful sonic artifacts Finders Keepers chooses to reissue and grace us with year after year.  Psych, jazz, folk, funk, and more, Andy Votel digs on crate digging more than any mere mortal.  He's like some kind of obscure music bloodhound, sniffing out scores of odd and interesting music from around the world.  Earlier this year, the label released the soundtrack to Jess Franco's "Les Demons," composed by Jean-Bernard Raiteux, and it's an intoxicating foray into psych-tinged exotica, a surreal and freaky audio vision of B-movie mania.  It's awesome.  Listen to "The Weakness of Rosalinda" below and grab the record here.  Nunsploitation rules!

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