Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Check out the smooth jam "Rings of Saturn" from TOPS's debut album "Tender Opposites."  It's got a down-tempo, soft rock kind of vibe, with pretty vocals and synth atmospherics.  Think of it as a folkier, Americana version of Chromatics, and you're getting close.  Listen to the song and watch the video below.  Out soon from Arbutus Records.

RIP Davy Jones

So long Davy.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Psyche are a darkwave synth band originally hailing from Canada, though now residing in Germany (naturally).  Optimo Music will be releasing a compilation of their early EP's in the near future.  Check out their anthem-like cover of Q Lazzarus's "Goodbye Horses," then put on some mascara and tuck your penis between your legs.

Put the album in the fucking basket!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Nite Jewel

Nite Jewel's new "One Second of Love" LP comes out next week from Secretly Canadian.  The nine tracks are fun, synth-pop nuggets with forays into R&B and disco.  Good stuff.  Listen to the whole thing below and order the album here.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cruise Family

Here's some very chilled out cosmic synth explorations filtered through a disco lens from Austria's Cruise Family.  "Gone By Dawn" pulses and soothes...a perfect companion for a Sunday morning.  Get the "We're In Heaven" 12" from Not Not Fun.

Hodgy Beats

Odd Future's Hodgy Beats has a new Untitled EP available for free download.  Get it here.  Look at the cover for God's sake!  What are you waiting for?

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Melvins

The Melvins have a new EP out next month, "Scion A/V Presents:  The Bulls & The Bees."  You'll be able to download the whole thing for free on March 13th from Scion A/V, but for the time being, check out "The War On Wisdom" below.  Buzz describes it as "amazing in its noisy calm intensity."  And the fact that these guys have been making music for almost 30 years is just fucking awesome.

New Spiritualized

Check out the new jam from Spiritualized, "Hey Jane," from the upcoming new LP, "Sweet Heart Sweet Light," due from Fat Possum in April.  It's everything you come to expect from J. Spaceman and co, a fabulous mix of psyche-rock, drone-pop, space-gospel, and Velvet Underground swagger.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Georgia Anne Muldrow

Georgia Anne Muldrow's latest Madlib-produced LP, "Seeds," comes off like a cosmic soul and R&B record. It's like if Lauryn Hill was into acid instead of just being unstable.  Listen to "Husfriend" below and look for "Seeds" in March from Some Otha Ship Records.

Django Django

Here's a pretty cool little jam from London's avant-popsters Django Django.  "Storm" is a toe-tapping head-nodder that will stick with you for hours.  The "Default" LP will be out later this year from Because Music.  Listen to "Storm" below.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Mirrorring is the new collaborative project between Liz Harris (Grouper) and Jesy Fortino (Tiny Vipers), an album of haunting, whispered dreamscapes to collapse and sink into the floor to.  Pretty.  Ethereal.  And what i would imagine dying and ascending to the heavens would sound like.  Look for "Foreign Body" in March from Kranky, and listen to "Fell Sound" below.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Minimal Waves Tapes Vol. 2

A few years ago, Stones Throw put out a really great collection of obscure dark, minimal synth music from around the world.  The release consisted of rare gems, primarily recorded in the 80's and self released on vinyl or cassette.  It was awesome.  So, without further ado, here comes "Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2."  Take a listen to the Netherlands' Das Ding and their jam "H.S.T.A."

The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2: Das Ding - H.S.T.A. (1982) by Stones Throw Records

And here's the track list:

1. Hard Corps “Dirty” (UK, 1984)
2. In Trance 95 “Presidente” (Greece, 1988)
3. Philippe Laurent “Distorsion” (France, 1984)
4. Das Ding “H.S.T.A.” (Netherlands, 1982)
5. Subject “What Happened To You?” (Belgium, 1982)
6. Ohama “The Drum” (Canada, 1984)
7. Geneva Jacuzzi “The Sleep Room” (Los Angeles, USA, 2004)
8. Antonym “Cinnamon Air” (UK, 1983)
9. Ruins “Fire” (Italy, 1984)
10. Ende Shneafliet “Animals From Outer Space” (Netherlands, 1981)
11. Felix Kubin “Japan Japan ” (Germany, 1985)
12. Class Info “Out Of Line” (Canada, 1984) 13.
In Aeternam Vale “Annie” (France, 1984)
14. Aural Indifference “Theme (Australia, 1981)

Madlib - Medicine Show 13

Hip hop beat genius Madlib offers up his latest installment in the "Medicine Show" series from Stones Throw.  Check out the killer jam, "Doom vs. Jadakiss" below.  (Yes, it features both rappers.)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Smiler & Lana Del Rey

Check out London rapper Smiler's jam "Spender," from his mixtape "All I Know," which comes out next week.  Lana Del Rey sings an interpretation of Shirley Bassey's "Big Spender" throughout the track.  It's pretty cool.


Panabrite is Seattle musician Norman Chambers.  On "Sub-Aquatic Meditation," he uses analog synthesizers, vintage drum machines, and a variety of effects and processors to create a beautiful sound tapestry of "outer space and the deep blue sea."  This is the soundtrack to underwater life.  Listen to "Neptune Visions In The Crystal Rift" below and grab the record from Aguirre Records.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Take some Arcade Fire production sound, throw in occasional forays into old Americana and folk, bursts of shoe-gazey, distorted noise crackling like a fragile psyche, and dark lyrics reminiscent of black metal bands who murder each other, and you approach the greatness that is Dreamend, Chicago's answer to awesome.  Their newest LP, "And The Tears Washed Me, Wave After Cowardly Wave," comes out on February 28th from Graveface Records.  Listen to "Your Apparition Stays With Me Still" and "The Face On The Tintype" below.

Jackie Chain

In honor of all the girls getting butt-naked in clubs and hanging all over the deejay (or at least that one drunk girl we saw do that last night), here's a club-ready new jam from Jackie Chain's "After Hours" mixtape.  "Night Is Young" features the always awesome Freddie Gibbs and Maggie Horn, and is the perfect soundtrack for that last bad decision you want to make.  Listen below and download the whole mixtape for free at Fool's Gold.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Kills cover The Velvet Underground

Listen to The Kills take on The Velvet Underground classic "Pale Blue Eyes," from their new "The Last Goodbye" 10".  It's a pretty faithful, garage-y rendition.  Get it from Domino.

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Mind Over Mirrors

The synthetic machine drone of Mind Over Mirrors is music to blast into the sky while robot druids perform ritualistic sacrifices of the machines that came before them.  The "Near Your Dwelling" 7" should be available from Dirty Knobby Records soon, but you can listen to "Emblem" below.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Big Bird Cage

I probably enjoyed this movie more than i should have.  The plot, story, direction, most of the acting, editing, and pacing are all terrible, and it's basically just an hour and a half of sexist, racist schlock.  But, anything with Pam Grier or Sid Haig in it must be watched, and "The Big Bird Cage" has both.  Beautiful, awesome trash!


French chanteuse SoKo crafts sweet, gorgeous pop songs melding 1960's West Coast folk with 1960's French pop.  "I Thought I Was An Alien" is available from Anorak, and you can watch the videos for the title track (which director Spike Jonze had a hand in filming) and "First Love Never Die" below.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


After palling around with the likes of Thom Yorke, Fourtet, and Massive Attack, Burial is finally issuing his latest EP, "Kindred," his first since 2007's "Untrue" LP.  You can listen to and buy the tracks over at Hyperdub.  A vinyl edition should be available soon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Light Asylum

New music on the horizon from Brooklyn's Light Asylum.  The synth-goth of last year's "In Tension" EP continues on the new "Shallow Tears" 12" single leading towards the upcoming full length, "A Certain Person."  Think Chris & Cosey, but a little more in your face about everything, and the added benefit of Shannon Funchess' awesome voice.Get them all from Mexican Summer, and listen to the single and B-side "Genesis" below.

Happy Valentines Day


Portishead's Geoff Barrow has a new hip-hop project called Quakers.  The project features a plethora of different rappers (Dead Prez, Prince Po, and Guilty Simpson among others).  Stones Throw will be releasing the 41-track album in March.  It sounds pretty amazing.  Listen to "Fitta Happier" featuring Guilty Simpson and M.E.D. below.  The track also features a sample of a marching band performing Radiohead's "The National Anthem."  I fucking love this.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Here's some "voguish summertime goth" for your form Selebrities.  "Night Heat" pulses like a late drive through the neon LA streets.  There's kind of a Cure meets 80's sci-fi-noir vibe to the whole thing.  Listen below, and grab the 7" from Cascine in March.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wolves In The Throne Room

Wolves In The Throne Room.  I can't believe how awesome these guys are.  "Celestial Lineage" may have come out last year, but so what?  We get busy around here.  At any rate, these guys craft epic metal songs using elements of black metal, drone, cosmic weirdness, and almost a classical or opera style song structure.  It's a horror movie soundtrack as performed by Vikings who dig Burzum just as much as they like Sigur Ros.  Fantastic.  Listen to "Prayer of Transformation" below and get the album from Southern Lord.

Wolves In The Throne Room - Prayer of Transformation - Celestian Lineage by Chris-Off Noise


Here's the latest jam from Chromatics, a cover of Neil Young's "Into The Black," from the upcoming "Kill For Love" LP, rumored to be coming out on Valentine's Day.  You can always count on Italians Do It Better.  Listen to the track and check out the video below.

Year of The Tiger

Fucked Up presents their latest annual-ish offering in the Chinese New Year series they started in 2006.  While we may not actually be in the year of the tiger anymore, the track is still 15 minutes of awesome.  And a portion of the proceeds goes to the Save The Tiger fund.  Listen to all 5 years below.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Zig Zags

Raucous, scuzzy garage punk from LA.  Zig Zags assault will leave you jarred and dusty, like driving a motorcycle through the desert.  Get the "Scavenger" 7" from Mexican Summer and listen to the track below.

Friday, February 10, 2012


We live for drone around here.  It makes us happy and helps us through our celestial journeys through the cosmos.  Actually, we just dig the soothing, ambient flow and meditative trance-like states the music induces.  Take a listen to Atlanta's Lid EMBA.  Their latest effort, "Terminal Muse:  Blue," is described as "the cost of persistence in art. Literally. Far from being a gift, the concept posits that the creative urge is actually a curse, a disease, an incurable infection that both drives the artist while draining his or her life-force."  Pretty heavy, heady stuff, even if it is a tad pretentious.  Well, pretentiousness aside, it's pretty damn good and droney.  Check "Iscariot" below and get the album from Stickfigure Recordings.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

John Talabot

Keeping the rave on til the break of dawn comes the latest from Spanish dance producer John Talabot, "fIN."  Chilled out electro-jams for the masses that teem with with the blurred visions of flashing lights, sweaty bodies, and the drinks and drugs you had last night.  It's all very Madchester.  Get the album from Permanent Vacation and listen to "Destiny" below.

Gorillaz & James Murphy & Andre 3000

Converse is set to unveil another ditty in their "3 Artists 1 Song" series, this time featuring the likes of Damon Albarn in full Gorillaz mode, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, and Outkast's Andre 3000.  The tune is called "DoYaThing," and will be available to jam on February 23rd from Converse.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Earl Sweatshirt is back

Odd Future's missing-in-action member Earl Sweatshirt has apparently returned from wherever it is that he's been (Samoa?) and is currently streaming new track "Home" at, the new official Earl page.  Listen here.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Listen to the new Phedre album

Listen to the new Phedre album in its entirety below, courtesy of the band and Daps.  It's available to buy on Valentine's Day.

Tennis - Young & Old

Check out the new Tennis LP, "Young & Old," available from Fat Possum on Valentine's Day.  Sweet, jangly throwback pop for your sweets.  Listen to the excellent "My Better Self" below.

So long Ricky

After probably one of the most interesting turns in the NFL, running back Ricky Williams is calling quits...again...but for real this time.  After a turbulent, up and down career, including breaking the all time rushing yardage in college at Texas (a feat that would last for 1 year), a Heisman trophy, a stay in New Orleans, a wedding dress, some time in the Canadian Football League, a spiritual journey, dreadlocks, giant beards, a stay in Miami, numerous failed drug tests, a shitload of weed, and finally a year in Baltimore, Williams retires as only the 26th running back to ever amass over 10,000 yards.  So, rest well Ricky.  I always stuck by you, and the NFL won't be the same without you.

Monday, February 6, 2012

King Khan and The Shrines pics

If you've never seen a beer-bellied Indian guy prance around stage in a pair of boxer briefs, a cape, and a feathered crown, then you've never been to King Khan and The Shrines show, and thus have not lived up to your full potential.  The garage-rock-soul revival shook asses all night long...or until city sound ordinance curfew at least.  The stomping started with American Sharks and the always enjoyable Jacuzzi Boys.  Even Har Mar Superstar was there...hanging out by the port-a-potties for some reason or another.  Here's a few pics below (of the bands, not the port-a-potties).

Jacuzzi Boys

King Khan

King Khan and The Shrines

King Khan and The Shrines

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Neon Indian - Fallout video

Check out this cool animated video for Neon Indian's "Fallout."  Lots of neon colors and cartoon boobs.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I don't know much about Phedre except that their website describes them as "three lovers from Monaco, raised in a cave a gold."  And while that statement may be stupid and pretentious (and kind of makes me want to punch them in their faces), the lo-fi, new-wavey dance pop they create makes me happy and forgiving.  Listen to "In Decay" and "Cold Sunday" below, and then watch the video for "Ode to The Swinger."  We'll keep you posted on a record release.

Hooray media!

Big K.R.I.T. - Boobie Miles

"Boobie Miles" is the latest smooth and silky jam from Big K.R.I.T. from his upcoming "4evaNaDay" mixtape, due to come out in a couple of weeks.  This track is the shit, but i have a soft spot for saxophones.  Listen below.

Carlos Giffoni

Mexican Summer/Software serve up another slice of delectable synthesized wonder, this time in the form of Venezuelan musician Carlos Giffoni's "Evidence," featuring some key work from the always lovely Laurel Halo. Listen below and pre-order here.


Montreal's CFCF has a new mini-album of soothing electronica at the ready from Paper Bag Records. "Exercise #3 (Building)" is a swirling mix of piano and synth.  Listen below, and look for "Exercises" in April.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Don Cornelius RIP

Rest in funky peace Don Cornelius.

New oOoOO

San Francisco experimental electronic composer and weirdo Christopher Dexter Greenspan, otherwise known as the witch-house tasting oOoOO, has a new album in the works from Tri Angle.  Pre-order here and listen to "NoWayBack" featuring Butterclock below.

Evian Christ

The mysterious Evian Christ (who until now had released music through youtube) has now released his debut "Kings And Them" mixtape from Tri Angle Records.  You can download the smooth bedroom electronica and hip-hop beats here for free.  Sample the jams below.