Tuesday, July 31, 2012

RIP Bill Doss (of Olivia Tremor Control)

One of the founding members of the Elephant Six music collective and the band Olivia Tremor Control (one of my favorite band's ever) Bill Doss has passed away at the age of 43.  (That's him on the right at last year's reunion show at The Mohawk.)  Rest in peace man.  You will be missed.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Future Shuttle

I like when something is described as ambient noise.  New York quartet fit the bill, although on new jam "Astro Curio," they focus more on soothing melodies and rhythms rather than the noise.  It's like the soundtrack for a walk through the wilderness.  Listen below, and look for their "In To It" LP in September from New Images.


Check out the funky video for "TV Dream" from Groundislava.  It's lovely and weird.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chromatics and Glass Candy pics

Here's a couple of pics from Friday's Chromatics/Glass Candy show.  It was wonderful.

Local openers Orthy


Glass Candy

New Crystal Castles

Here's a cool new tune from Crystal Castles, presumably from their upcoming new album later in the year.  Listen and download below.  Hooray!

Captain Murphy

Check out the song "Mighty Morphin Foreskin" from the mysterious rapper Captain Murphy.  Is it Tyler The Creator?  Earl Sweatshirt?  Both?  Some new dude?  Or just a really cool jam from Flying Lotus?  Ultimately, it doesn't matter because it's a cool new jam.

Solar Year

Montreal's Solar Year recently debuted their "Waverly" album underwater in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.  I guess that makes sense since the music has an ethereal, underwater, otherworldly like vibe to it.  Listen to the whole thing below, and keep your ears open for a Grimes vocal cameo on the track "Brotherhood."

New Maria Minerva

The latest from Estonian-born Londonite Maria Minerva is a groovy mix of disco beats, echo-y synthesizers, and Eastern tinges.  Listen to and download "The Sound" below, and be on the look out for the "Will Happiness Find Me?" LP later in the year from Not Not Fun.

After Dark 2

Coming in October from Italians Do It Better, the much anticipated sequel to the "After Dark" compilation!  "After Dark 2" will feature new and unreleased jams from Glass Candy, Symmetry, Chromatics, and more.  Check the track list here.



Picture hail from Sweden (i think), and the only word i can think of to describe their music is...soaring.  It's really beautiful, uplifting stuff.  Think M83 during their more triumphant moments.  Listen to "Malmo City Tunnel" below and look for the "True" EP soon from Cascine.

The Slaves

I don't know what's in the water in Portland, or why so much ethereal drone music comes from there.  It must have something do with the rain or the woods.  At any rate, i appreciate it.  The Slaves fall in line with a cool mix of shoegaze and doom, sounding like the music you would hear whilst peering into the abyss, or into the face of something your human mind could never grasp.  Listen to "River" below for proof.  The "Spirits of the Sun" LP was released by Digitalis, but it's probably already sold out.  Boo.

Black Sky Chants

Always a fan of droney, tripped-out, interstellar explorations that give praise back to the time of the old gods, and Russia's Black Sky Chants do not disappoint.  Listen to "Strobe Glide" off the excellent "I'll Sleep Until I See The Moon" cassette from Aguirre.  There are only 75 copies, so you better hurry.


Cabaal craft synthetic electro-jams that would be the perfect score to some weird 80's sci-fi movie.  Probably something with a rail thin, bleach blonde David Bowie in it.  It's like Vangelis hit the opium den and then went to work writing music.  Excellent stuff.  You can download the whole "Emanations" album for free at Cabaal's bandcamp.  In the meantime, listen to "Maya" below.

Horrid Red

An offshoot of Teenage Panzerkorps and Burial Hex, the boys of Horrid Red explore the folds and creases of goth-synth and neo-new-wave music.  Listen to the wistful "This Joy Inside" below and look for it in the near future on the "Banquet in Blue" cassette compilation from Brave Mysteries.

And...we're back

It took a little while, a lot of frustration, and some dollars, but The Incubator is back up and running.  And soon, you'll be able to follow us on Twitter at @Heav_Inc once i figure out how to sync everything up.  I'm kind of retarded.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blanche Blanche Blanche

Oh, how we love you warbly, oddball pop music.  You make our day.  Listen to the sublime sounds of Blanche Blanche Blanche's "Wink With Both Eyes" LP and sink into the drug induced coma of wonderland.  Listen to the whole thing below and get it from Night People.

Flesh Lights

New jam from Austin punk rock band Flesh Lights.  Listen to "Too Big to Fail" below and grab the double 7" from Super Secret Records.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fun Fun Fun DMC

Just announced today!  The surviving members of Run DMC will be reuniting as one of the headliners for this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest!  Look for the full line-up to be released on the 12th!  Hooray!

Monday, July 9, 2012

More new Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink's "Mature Themes" LP is due in August, but here's new jam "Only In My Dreams" to tide you over until then.  It's got a groovy 60's pop folk thing going for it.  Listen and download below.

Meyhem Lauren

As mentioned in the past, we love mixtapes around here.  Generally, the lack of studio involvement and legal entanglements from samples leads to some superb creativity and a lot of awesome music.  Another thing we love around here is aggressive, charged hip-hop.  And so, we get the "Respect The Fly Shit" mixtape from Queens rapper Meyhem Lauren.  Oh, and Action Bronson and Heems make appearances, so there's a sense of humor to the whole thing as well.  Listen to the whole thing below.

Tame Impala

Australia's Tame Impala continue their exploration of the cosmos via psyche rock with their upcoming "Lonerism" LP due from Modular in October.  In the meantime, you can check out "Apocalypse Dreams" below and download for the cost of an email.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

RIP Ernest Borgnine

RIP Ernest Borgnine (pictured here being awesome).

Blur - Under The Westway

Blur, one of my all time favorite bands, has been out of commission for almost a decade, but earlier this year, toyed around with a couple of new studio tracks, "Under The Westway" and "The Puritan."  They're both fantastic and now available at itunes.  Watch the simple video for the melancholy "Under The Westway" below, just the band playing in the studio.  I miss these guys.


Here is the soundtrack to the cold, bleakness of life in the more desolate areas of Soviet Russia during the 1980's.  Claps present a minimalist Cold War shuffle in their cassette release "Glory, Glory," from Moon Glyph (fast becoming one of our favorite record labels).  Listen to "Shelter" below, then head over here to listen to and download "Strain."  Have a gloomy Sunday.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Frank Ocean - Sweet LIFE

Because it was a long day...and i'm tired...and i'm lazy...and i need to think about eating sometime soon, i don't have it in me to scour the web for stuff i've never heard of.  So, here's the newest jam from Frank Ocean's upcoming "Channel Orange" LP, "Sweet LIFE."  Listen and download below, and look for the LP later this month.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Stockholm's Holograms will release their debut, self-titled LP from Captured Tracks next week.  Take a listen to "Monolith" below, a jam that finds the band channeling the finer post-punk aspects of The Cure and funneling them through some jangly, fuzzy surf-rock vibes.  Robert Smith on a surf board...good stuff.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New music from Thee Oh Sees!

Is September, we can all look forward to new music from one of my favorite live bands.  San Francisco's prolific garage rock outfit Thee Oh Sees will release their "Putrifiers II" LP on In The Red.  Hooray!  Listen to "Lupine Dominus" below.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Guardian Alien

A blistering wall of cacophony!  Blasted, bloody eardrums!  A non-stop onslaught of wonderful, (dis)harmonious noise to crash down the walls of everything!  Guardian Alien's Thrill Jockey debut, "See The World Give To A One Love Entity," is the kind of madcap adventure Zack Hill would create while on a Can binge - walls of noise swirling with enough kraut-inspired beats to bring the whole ship level.  Listen to the title track (Part 1 at least) below.

Thousand Foot Whale Claw

Austin four-piece Thousand Foot Whale Claw somehow manage to create sprawling krautrock inspired epics that feel really claustrophobic at the same time.  Their new record, "Dope Moons Volume One," out this month on Monofonus Press, is trance-inducing synthetic foray into tunnel exploration...or something like that.  Listen to "Ganymede" below and get lost in the dark, although i swear i hear some bagpipes in the mix somewhere.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Here's a cool, groovy little summer-synth jam from Toronto's Diana, a group who includes Destroyer saxophonist Joseph Shabason as a member.  (Unfortunately, there are no killer sax solos in this tune, but it's still good.)  Listen to "Born Again" below.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Delicate Steve

With the summer in full sway, it's high time for our jams to do what it is that they do during the these shiny, hot days.  Which is to say, it's time for fun.  Delicate Steve's new album "Positive Force" from Luaka Bop is a wonderful, quirky piece of indie bedroom-pop that sets the scene perfectly.  Listen to "Afria Talks to You" below, a cheesy instrumental that would totally work over the closing credits of whatever west coast-tinged teenage soap you happen to be un-ironically enjoying right now.  Get the album on July 10th.