Thursday, April 30, 2020

Daily Jam - I'll Never Hold You Back

A few years ago, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead made a record with producer Dan The Automator called Got A Girl. turned out that it was pretty good.  Mike Patton popped up on it and everything.  Anyway, here's "I'll Never Hold You Back," our Daily Jam.

Infant Island

Part hardcore punk, part black metal, part post rock, and part emo (or "screamo" if ya nasty), Virginia band Infant Island provide just the kind of sounds the disaffected youth need right now.  Abrasive and cavernous, an ear piercing wail into the veritable void.  Check out "Content" below and get the upcoming "Beneath" LP here from the band.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Bell Witch and Aerial Ruin

Seattle doom duo Bell Witch return in June, this time around with dark folk artist Aerial Ruin for a collaborative effort called "Stygian Bough Volume I."  Check out the heavy and somber dirge of "Heaven Torn Low II (the toll)" below and pre-order the album here from Profound Lore.

Nick Cave Covers T. Rex

September will bring us "Angelheaded Hipster," a massive tribute album to Marc Bolan and T. Rex compiled and produced by the late Hal Willner.  The lineup of contributing artists is eclectic to say the least, and your mileage may vary (U2 and Elton John perform "Bang a Gong (Get it On)" because of course they do).  But we do get Nick Cave taking on one of T. Rex favorites.  Watch the video for "Cosmic Dancer" below and pre-order the album here.

Daily Jam - I've Been Loving You Too Long

Let's all dig on some Otis Redding today.  Here's "I've Been Loving You Too Long," our Daily Jam.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


It seems we're getting some more new music from Houston's Khruangbin over the summer after this February's collaborative effort with Leon Bridges.  Check out and shake your hips to the smooth and funky "Time (You and I)" below and pre-order the upcoming "Mordechai" LP here from Dead Oceans.

Daily Jam - Elephant Sound

When i moved to Austin in 1997, aside from the wonderful record stores, now defunct venues, and college radio, i discovered the insanely cool Trance Syndicate Records label founded by Butthole Surfer King Coffey.  The dearly missed label turned me on to everything from Bedhead to Cherubs.  They also released the excellent album "Plain Sweeping Themes for the Unprepared" by Monroe Mustang, a band pretty indicative of what the underground indie rock scene sounded like in the late '90s.  Check out "Elephant Sound" below, our Daily Jam.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Lou Canon

Here's some experimental electronic pop from Canadian artist Lou Canon.  Tropical beats, gooey synths, and an overall surreal haze hangs on to "Ancient Chamber," sounding kind of like a drug induced seduction on a beach somewhere.  Check it out below and pre-order the upcoming "Audomatic Body" LP here from Paper Bag.

Daily Jam - Cody

Scottish post rock band Mogwai don't use vocals in their songs very often, but when they do the result is often stunning.  Listen to "Cody" below, our Daily Jam.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sven Wunder

Last year saw the release of "Eastern Flowers," a floral concept album of sorts utilizing elements of European funk-jazz and psych rock from Sven Wunder.  The album plays like the soundtrack to an exotic journey moving to the East.  Listen to "Magnolia" below and download the album here from Light in the Attic.  Original pressings of the vinyl are already going for a couple hundred dollars, and Light in the Attic's upcoming reissue is already sold out, so the download will have to do for the time being.

Daily Jam - Everyone Is Totally Insane

Another week down.  Let the hip sounds of The Dandy Warhols play you off.  Here's "Everyone Is Totally Insane," our Daily Jam.

Saturday, April 25, 2020


June brings us some hazy and reverb drenched shoegaze pop from Canadian artist Zoongideewin.  Listen to "Vibrant Colours" below and pre-order the upcoming "Bleached Waves" LP here from Paper Bag Records.

Spotlights Cover Arcade Fire

New York space rock/doom metal band Spotlights have been churning out some really good cover tunes during quarantine, so far tackling tracks from Radiohead and Shudder to Think (both of those are totally worth your time).  And now their latest is a gorgeous and crunchy rendition of Arcade Fire's "Wake Up."  Check it out below and get it here from the band.

Rose McGowan

Of all the things i thought i might be posting about today, an album from actress Rose McGowan certainly wasn't one of them.  I also never imagined i'd be as into it as i am.  Check out the very melancholy "Green Gold" below.  It kicks off with the artist quoting the "Tears in Rain" soliloquy from "Blade Runner," and there's a real ASMR thing going on with her voice.  And get the "Planet 9" album here.

Daily Jam - The Boys and The Girls

Here's a little '60s psych pop weirdness from The Network.  Check out their sole release, "The Boys and The Girls," our Daily Jam.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Lawrence Rothman

LA artist Lawrence Rothman recruited Marissa Nadler, Mary Lattimore, and the MUSYCA Childrens Choir for a stunning new track that benefits  Beautiful stuff.  Check it out below and get it here.

Friday Horror Trailer - Just Before Dawn

Daily Jam - Ez L.A.

I could sure use some new music from Folk Implosion.  It's been a spell.  Anyway, here's "Ez L.A." from 1999's "One Part Lullaby," our Daily Jam.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Mint Field

Here's a new track from minimalist Mexican shoegaze band Mint Field.  Check out "Natural" below and get it here via Felte.

Pinkish Black and Yells at Eels

Texas bands Pinkish Black and Yells at Eels have come together for a collaborative release called "Vanishing Light in the Tunnel of Dreams."  The whole thing is this weird hybrid of free-form jazz, prog rock, goth metal, and more.  And honestly whatever you want to describe it as, it's awesome.  Listen to "Heatstroke Mirage" below and get the album here from Ayler Records.

Daily Jam - Protect Ya Neck

Wu-Tang!  Wu-Tang!  Wu-Tang!  Wu-Tang!  "Protect Ya Neck," our Daily Jam.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Wants

I haven't posted one of these bands i would have seen during SXSW if not for COVID lament blogs in a few, so here's one about Brooklyn band The Wants.  Feel the groovy and thudding push of "The Motor" below and grab the band's "Container" LP here from Council Records.

Daily Jam - Mega Man 2

I am by no means a gamer in even the slightest sense of the word.  In general most gamers annoy the crap outta me.  That being said, i was a total Nintendo nerd 30-35 years ago.  And "Mega Man 2" was probably me all time favorite game.  And it always liked the music in it too.  So it was pretty cool back in the mid aughts when Arizona band The Minibosses did a medley cover version of it for their album "Brass."  Check it out in all its glory below, our Daily Jam.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


And here's a little electro-pop from Canadian duo PARAGⴲN CAUSE to mellow us out for a little bit.  Check out the moody "Lost Cause" below and get the band's "What We Started" LP here.

Daily Jam - Colossus

Gonna start my Tuesday with some prog rock synths from Australian band Cybotron.  Won't you join me?  Here's 1978's "Colossus," our Daily Jam.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Chelsea Wolfe and Friends - Crazy Train

So, this is just cool.  Until today, i was unfamiliar with the YouTube streaming show "Two Minutes to Late Night," a heavy metal themed version of a late night talk show.  I'm now going to have to remedy my unfamiliarity.  It seems that during quarantine, the members of the show have been piecing together episodes filmed from their collective homes, and they've been doing covers.  So far, Weird Al and Steely Dan have been shredded, and today, we get a doomy and scary version of Ozzy Osborne's "Crazy Train."  Chelsea Wolfe, frequent collaborator Ben Chisholm, Liam Wilson (Dillinger Escape Plan), Urian Hackney (Rough Francis), Stephen Brodsky (Mutoid Man), and the show's host Gwarsenio Hall drop the classic tune into a minor key and then proceed to just kill it.  More of this please.  Watch the video below and support the show here.

Moor Jewelry

Moor Jewelry is the collaborative project of Moor Mother and Metal Jewelry.  New album "True Opera" is a short blast of noise and raw punk rock, and it rips.  Get it here from Don Giovanni Records and listen to "Look Alive" below.

Tan Cologne

Tan Cologne is the project of Lauren Green and Marissa Macias, two Taos residents channeling the the universe and the spirits to create dusty and dreamy bits psychedelic Americana.  It sounds like looking at the world through sepia tones.  Get the duo's "Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico" album here and listen to the gorgeous title track below.

Discovery Zone

Discovery Zone is the project of Berlin artist JJ Weihl.  On her latest track, "Blissful Morning Dream Interpretation Melody," she channels soothing synth sounds to create something simultaneously dreamy and foreboding, as is on full display in the video.  Serious "Black Mirror" vibes abound.  Check it out below and pre-order the upcoming "Remote Control" LP here from Mansions and Millions.

Carpenter Brut - Blood Machines

I have not had the chance to see Seth Ickerman's "Blood Machines" yet, but synth wave techno artist Carpenter Brut is providing the score, so i'm in.  Check out the driving "Blood Machines Theme" below and get it here from No Quarter Prod.

Daily Jam - Uncertain Destination

Sometimes you just know by the album cover that you're gonna dig something.  And so we have Detroit funk-psych rock band Power of Zeus and their 1970 album "The Gospel According to Zeus."  The record's real claim to fame is probably the breakbeat on "The Sorcerer of Isis," as it's been sampled hundreds of times, but it's full of wonderful tunes.  Here's "Uncertain Destination," our Daily Jam.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Daily Jam - Milk

I went back to revisit Garbage's self-titled debut, and while it's pretty dated, it's still awesome.  Here's the dreamy and yearning "Milk," our Daily Jam.


Continuing our Sunday morning moodiness with some wonderful, lo-fi and hazy bedroom shoegaze from Milwaukee's Shamewave.  I expect we'll get a lot of this bedroom recorded stuff for the foreseeable future, and if it's as solid as the "Grinner" EP, i think we'll be okay.  Listen to "Machine" below and snag the cassette here.

Houses of Heaven

Oakland darkwave synth pop band Houses of Heaven have their proper full-length debut heading our way next month.  Listen to the icy and propulsive "In Soft Confusion" below and grab the "Silent Places" LP here from Felte.


Here's some dark, Berlin-inspired synth punk from French duo Kompromat to start another Sunday in quarantine to.  Listen to the eerie "Possession" below and get the group's "Traum Und Existenz" LP here.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Fiona Apple

Okay gang, i'm gonna go ahead and confess that i was unprepared for how god damn good Fiona Apple's new album was going to be yesterday.  Completely unprepared.  Saw that it was streaming and was like, oh yeah i guess i'll check that out.  And then i started listening while working from home, and holy shit.  Just raw and unfettered stuff.  Listen to one of my standouts, "Cosmonauts," below and order the "Fetch the Bolt Cutters" LP here from the artist.

Daily Jam - Don't You Know

This is never going to end.  The world is forever altered.  Here's "Don't You Know" by The Sleepy Jackson, our Daily Jam.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Chromatics - Teacher

Could it be?  Could it finally be happening?  Chromatics just shared a new video for now song "Teacher" along with a full tracklisting for the long absent "Dear Tommy" LP.  Maybe it's just around the corner.  Maybe.  Anyway, check it out below and keep an eye over here at Italians Do It Better.

Daily Jam - Alone with the Day

In the mid '70s, teenage Greek folk pop singer Mariangela Celeste recorded her debut with Vangelis, the result being an airy mix of said folk pop, new age, and early electronic music.  Listen to "Alone with the Day" below, our Daily Jam.

Friday Horror Trailer - Beyond the Door

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Oranssi Pazuzu

Maybe it's a result of the cabin fever, but who would have thought that a swirling, ticking, blast of psychedelia and Finnish black metal could be so damn exhilarating.  Check out the frenetic energy and cosmos scorching intensity of "Uusi Teknokratia" from Finnish psychedelic black metal band Oranssi Pazuzu below and pre-order their "Mestarin Kynsi" album here from Nuclear Blast, out tomorrow.

Daily Jam - Everybody's 1

Hooray!  Forgotten '90s music!  Here's "Everybody's 1" from Gods Child, our Daily Jam.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Shabaka and The Ancestors

Gonna dig on some Afrocentric jazz today from Shabaka and The Ancestors.  New album "We Are Sent Here by History is out now on Impulse.  Check out the haunting and entrancing video for "Go My Heart, Go to Heaven" below.  The music sounds like some sort of cosmic eternal entity that's being unearthed before you.  Nice.  Anyway, check it out and get the record here.

Daily Jam - Until the End

Saba Lou is the daughter of garage-punk-psych-soul maestro King Khan.  She recorded "Until the End" with her father when she was 9.  Check it out below, our Daily Jam.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Daily Jam - Blue Thunder

Galaxie 500 are one of those bands that once you finally start listening to them, you may find that they're all you want to listen to now.  I love bands like that.  Here's "Blue Thunder," our Daily Jam.


Boston band Banshee are tapping into something primordial on new album "Livin' in the Jungle," channeling proto-punk swagger and sneer as the world crashes down around us.  Check out the bitchin' title track below and get the record here (in the US) via Feeding Tube or here (in the UK) via Cardinal Fuzz.

Pure X

It's been a spell since we last heard from Austin's Pure X, and after a 6 year hiatus we're getting a new record from the band next month.  Always great at blending elements of shoegaze, dreampop, Americana, and classic rock, that trend looks to continue with the new self-titled LP.  Listen to "Middle America" below and pre-order the record here via Fire Talk.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Why Bonnie

Here's some dreamy pop music from Austin's Why Bonnie for this surprisingly cold but also beautiful day in Central Texas.  New EP "Voice Box" is out now on Fat Possum.  Listen to the album opening "Bury Me" below and get the record here.

Daily Jam - What Do You Want from Me?

Listening to the new Gorillaz track featuring Peter Hook a couple of days ago, i soon found myself revisiting some other non-Joy Division, non-New Order music from the man with his Monaco project from the '90s.  As per usual, the bass lines are unmistakably Peter Hook.  Listen to "What Do You Want from Me?" below, our Daily Jam.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Laurel Halo

Here's some new soundtrack work from experimental electronic artist Laurel Halo from the documentary "Possessed."  Listening to album opener "Hyphae," there's a haunting and almost foreboding vibe with an undercurrent of sadness throughout.  It could basically soundtrack our days from here on out.  Listen below and get the album here from the artist.