Monday, May 30, 2016

Daily Bowie - Art Decade

Beginning the final week of Daily Bowie posts (it had to come to an end sometime).  I've been doing these for almost five months since we lost the artist back in January, and in a lot of ways, they've been eye opening.  I've reevaluated some stuff that i had originally ignored, and i've found some new favorites along the way.  And so, from "Low," an album that is arguably my favorite...on some days...let's start the week off with "Art Decade," your Daily Bowie.


Like drifting to sleep as the world moves by you in time lapse, or closing your eyes and letting the waves carry you to wherever, the wonderful mix of folk and electronics on "The Apple Tree," the debut full-length from Hintermass, the project of Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle) and Tim Felton (formerly of Broadcast), feels like moving through a dream.  Listen to the instrumental "The Rituals of Reversal" below and just get lost in some imaginary woods...and then grab the record from the always dependable Ghost Box.

Ray Mazurek and Emmett Kelly

"Alien Flower Sutra" is the beautiful and aching new album from Ray Mazurek (Exploding Star Orchestra), a collaborative record with guitarist Emmett Kelly (The Cairo Gang) exploring themes of alienation through technology and coming to terms with the inherent humanity buried therein.  The album is sparse and haunting, but feels weighty and significant.  Watch the video for the droning, wandering "Back to the Ocean, Back to the Sea" below and get the record from International Anthem.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Daily Bowie (Cover Week 3) - Heroes by Nico

My oldest son turned 3 today.  Here's hoping he can appreciate Nico as much as his old man does when he's older.  Anyway, here's Nico covering "Heroes" from 1981's "Drama of Exile," your Daily Bowie.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Daily Bowie (Cover Week 3) - Sound and Vision by The Sea and Cake

Here's a pretty faithful cover of "Sound and Vision" by The Sea and Cake, taken from their 2003 album "One Bedroom."  Your Daily Bowie...

Klaus Johann Grobe

Swiss duo Klaus Johann Grobe released their second album, "Spagat der Liebe," earlier this month on Trouble in Mind.  The record is a moving, grooving pop and krautrock blend that wouldn't feel out of place speeding down a European highway or blasting oneself into the cosmos...or maybe just having a cocktail by the pool while conversing with the well-dressed and well-groomed elite.  Ride away on the jazzy, funky kosmische of "Geschichten aus erster Hand" below.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Huerco S.

Kansas City electronic artist Huerco S. has an album of ambient bliss coming out in June on Proibito Records.  "Promises of Fertility" is the first taste we get of the new record, and it's a peaceful seven minutes of beautiful sadness.  Listen below.

Daily Bowie (Cover Week 3) - Life on Mars? by Rockabye Baby!

The Rockabye Baby! albums are kind of a strange phenomenon.  Some of the selections make sense, like lullaby Beatles tunes and what not.  Others just feel gross (Sublime anyone?).  Anyway, it'd be odd if they didn't have a Bowie LP, so here's the lullaby version of "Life on Mars?" your Daily Bowie.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Daily Bowie (Cover Week 3) - Ziggy Stardust by Bauhaus

It's always seemed kind of odd to me that gothic gloomsayers Bauhaus covered "Ziggy Stardust" back in 1982.  But then again, they also covered Eno and T. Rex, so what do i know?  Listen below, your Daily Bowie.

Animal Collective remixes Bob Dylan

Yesterday was Bob Dylan's 75th birthday.  To celebrate, Animal Collective figured they'd remix "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" from the 1963 album "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan."  And it kind of works, sounding like something band might have worked on a decade or so ago.  Listen below.

Russian Circles - Vorel

Hey, we've got new music from Russian Circles headed our way in August, the band's 6th(!) album "Guidance."  Those familiar with the group's style of heavy (both sonically and figuratively) post metal will be happy, as the trio seem to know each other inside and out, like some kind of old jazz band that's been riffing off of each other for years.  Listen to "Vorel" below and get the record from Sargent House.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Daily Bowie (Cover Week 3) - Rebel Rebel by The KVB

Listen to The KVB's dreamy, shoegazey take on "Rebel Rebel," taken from last year's "A Salute to the Thin White Duke" tribute album, your Daily Bowie.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Daily Bowie (Cover Week 3) - The Man Who Sold the World by Lulu

Welcome to another week of covers for your Daily Bowie listening pleasure.  Kicking the week off is a 1974 cover of "The Man Who Sold the World" by Scottish singer Lulu (you may know her as the singer of the Bond theme for "The Man with the Golden Gun").  Produced by, and featuring Bowie on backing vocals, this is a pretty legit cover.  Watch the video below, your Daily Bowie.

Psychic Ills and Hope Sandoval

I posted a song from the upcoming new Psychic Ills LP a couple days ago that's got me really excited for the release of "Inner Journey Out."  And now, today, i realize that another track from the record features Hope Sandoval.  That's awesome!  The blend of psych, Americana, and dreampop soothes the soul and makes the heart swell.  Listen to "I Don't Mind" below and get the record in two weeks from Sacred Bones (who are just killing it lately).

Exploded View - Orlando

One of the artists i'm still bummed out that i missed back during SXSW (of which there are a few) is Exploded View, the dark, synthy project assembled of musicians from Berlin and Mexico City and fronted by Anika.  Cold, propulsive atmospherics and Anika' ghostly, Nico-like vocal delivery makes the upcoming self-titled debut a must hear.  Listen to "Orlando" below and get the record from Sacred Bones in August.

John Carpenter

So, this is pretty damn cool.  John Carpenter has been recording albums of new original music for Sacred Bones for the last couple of years, as well as performing live around the world.  June 17th will see the release of two 12" singles from the label featuring Carpenter and his live band performing the themes from four of his classic films: "Assault on Precinct 13," "The Fog," "Halloween," and "Escape from New York."  Watch an in studio performance of the latter below.  Hooray!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Daily Bowie - Buddha of Suburbia

Bowie's 1993 soundtrack for the BBC miniseries "The Buddha of Suburbia" is something i've never really paid much attention to.  To be fair, the man's late 80's/early 90's work is nothing to get excited about, but like everything else he made during his 50 year career, it's at least worthy of a sample.  Watch the video for the title track below, your Daily Bowie.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Daily Bowie - China Girl

I will always love Iggy Pop's version more (because it is infinitely better), but here's Bowie's take on "China Girl," your Daily Bowie.

BADBADNOTGOOD featuring Sam Herring

Here's another new jam from the upcoming new album "IV" from Toronto jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD, this time around featuring Future Islands' Sam Herring on vocals.  "Time Moves Slow" is a slinky, soulful mix of R&B and funk, a proto-groove jam to get down to.  Everything these guys get their hands on is solid gold.  Listen below and get the album in July from Innovative Leisure.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Psychic Ills

Psych rock duo Psychic Ills are set to release their fifth album, "Inner Journey Out," next month on Sacred Bones, and this new record finds the band traversing in the dusty atmospherics of fuzzed-out Americana...and they nail it.  Think of it as a kind of psychedelic alt-country, dirt under fingernails, grass-fueled, sepia-toned road trips, and the hum of a hundred years.  Listen to "Baby" below and...oh my God, that pedal steel!

Daily Bowie - I Am with Name

Here's some rainy morning Bowie from 1995's "Outside," the ominous "I Am with Name," that opens with a spoken segue from one of the album's characters, Ramona A. Stone.  It's creepy and unsettling.  Enjoy.

Father John Misty - Real Love Baby

Father John Misty released a new jam today, the 70's AM, yacht-rock inspired "Real Love Baby."  It's a chugging little number, maybe irony free or maybe not, but it's a nice jam for a rainy Thursday morning here in Austin.  Listen below.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Daily Bowie - Stay

For some reason, i never really gave "Station to Station" all that much play during my decades of Bowie fandom...really, until he passed away.  It has steadfastly become one of my favorites over the last few months, and so, here's its penultimate track "Stay," your Daily Bowie...

Boss Hog

Dude, we've got some new music from Boss Hog on the way, the old project from super-cool married couple Jon Spencer and Cristina Martinez.  That's excellent news, as it's been over 15 years.  Head over to Pitchfork to listen to "Wichita Grey," and be on the lookout for the "Brood Star" EP from In the Red.

Ross From Friends

Here's a chilled, little R&B-ish house jam from Ross From Friends called "Talk to Me, You'll Understand" from the upcoming "You'll Understand" EP from Lobster Theremin.  It's too bad it's not actually David Schwimmer making this music, as that would make me giggle.  Listen below and get the 12" here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Daily Bowie - Sister Midnight (live)

"A Reality Tour," Bowie's live album of cuts taken from his "Reality" tour from over a decade ago (and the tour i got to see him on) is getting a pretty rad vinyl reissue next month, packaged on three LP's on blue vinyl.  Stoked.  Listen to Bowie's take on "Sister Midnight," originally performed by Iggy Pop on 1977's "The Idiot," your Daily Bowie.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Daily Bowie - Fascination

"Fascination," your Daily Bowie...

Odonis Odonis - Nervous

Toronto noisy punk/industrial/etc. trio Odonis Odonis have a new record, "Post Plague," due in June on Felte, and on first taste "Nervous," the band seems to be harnessing their inner synthy goth kid to craft some dark and chilly pop.  Listen below and get the record here.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Daily Bowie - All Saints

"All Saints" was originally recorded during the sessions for the 1977 album "Low," but did not surface until 2001, remastered for a compilation album of the same name collecting Bowie instrumental tracks from 77 through 99.  The song is foreboding and almost sinister in a way.  Listen below, your Daily Bowie.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Daily Bowie - Blackstar

Given Darwyn Cooke's death this morning, "Blackstar" felt like the most appropriate thing to listen to this morning, your Daily Bowie.

RIP Darwyn Cooke

 It's being reported that comic book writer/illustrator Darwyn Cooke has passed away today from cancer at the age of 54.  He was one of the greats, crafting images and stories with a retro flair and ultimately optimistic tone that stood head and shoulders above everything else out there.  To me, his work carried a sense of wonder akin to the way comic books made me feel when i was a little kid, and every book he was involved with was a must-buy.  He certainly made his mark too, from his now iconic redesign of Catwoman to his current retro-noir Parker graphic novel adaptations to "New Frontier," easily one of the best comic series to come out in the last 25 years.  He will be missed.  RIP Darwyn Cooke.

Looks like i've got some stuff to go back and read again this weekend.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Daily Bowie - V-2 Schneider

Enjoy a little "V-2 Schneider," your Daily Bowie.

Forest Swords - Shrine: Original Dance Score

It seems like it's been a little while since we last heard from Liverpool-based, experimental artist Forest Swords, but he's back with "Shrine," an original score created for a contemporary dance piece.  The six-part soundtrack is ambient and haunting, a mix of warm and cold textures and seemingly distant sounds.  Listen to "Shrine Hold" below, grab the download here, or get the record here.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tobacco - Gods in Heat

We're getting some new music from Black Moth Super Rainbow main man Tobacco later this summer, and first taste "Gods in Heat" is a twitchy, experimental little number, mixing glitchy electro beats with crackly garage rock stomp, all in a bubbling, fuming psychedelic stew.  It's nice.  Listen below and pre-order the "Sweatbox Dynasty" LP from Ghostly.

Daily Bowie - Panic in Detroit

"Panic in Detroit" is your Daily Bowie...

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Daily Bowie - See Emily Play

Bowie takes on Syd Barret's "See Emily Play," your Daily Bowie.

Diarrhea Planet

I'm sure it speaks to my maturity level, but i love that there's a band out there named Diarrhea Planet.  And i love that they're as great as they are.  And i love that they've shared a stage with Melissa Etheridge.  And i love that because of all these things and much more, the name Diarrhea Planet is written all over the it should it will continue to be.  Or, for at least as long as the band is making great music.  New album "Turn to Gold" is out next month on Infinity Cat, and you can listen to their latest offering, "Bob Dylan's Grandma" below.  Hazaa!


I have a tendency to like my metal dark and gloomy, cacophonous dirges and symphonies of doom...but goddamn, the new album from Norway's Kvelertak is fun.  "Nattesferd," out this week on Roadrunner, is a ferocious blaze of a record, compiling killer, almost classic, old school riffs, a powerful and propulsive rhythm section, and guttural vocal blasts into the ultimate high-octane, party burner.  You'll want to speed through the streets with your windows open or slam and dance around the garage with your buddies to this one.  Listen to the title track below.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016


Hey, how did i miss that we're getting a new album from the moody, post-punk Leeds band Eagulls this week?  I must be slipping in my middle age.  "Ullages" is out on Friday via Partisan Records, and finds the band doing what they do best, crafting gloomy, hard edged post-punk jams that recall the best of groups like Echo and The Bunnymen and the like.  Listen to "My Life in Rewind" below.

Daily Bowie - Prisoner of Love

That's right.  We're going with Tin Machine era Bowie for our selection today.  Listen to "Prisoner of Love" below, your Daily Bowie.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Daily Bowie - Mother

In 1998, Bowie covered John Lennon's "Mother."  Originally meant for a tribute album, it ended up getting shelved.  But here it is now, your Daily Bowie.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Daily Bowie - Dollar Days

Four months later, and i'm still floored at how good Bowie's final album is.  Listen to "Dollar Days" below, your Daily Bowie.

Aesop Rock

Hey, there's a new album from Aesop Rock out.  And it sounds like an Aesop Rock album.  Right on.  Listen to "Dorks" below and get "The Impossible Kid" from Rhymesayers.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Death Grips - Bottomless Pit

Albums are popping up all over the place this week.  "Bottomless Pit," the latest noisy, schizo-electronic, rap record from the unpredictable Death Grips is streaming now, and you can do so below.  Hazaa!

Daily Bowie - Queen Bitch

"Queen Bitch" is your Daily Bowie...