Friday, June 24, 2016

Bernardino Femminielli

Feeling down?  Wanna dance or hop around a little bit, but don't want to give yourself over too much to blind bliss?  I understand.  It's hard out there, and you've got to keep your wits about you.  So, here's a nice jam from Bernardino Femminielli called "Plaisirs Americains" that feels right at home in the darker, smokier corners of the discos and clubs you frequented in a past life.  The disco beats are there, but also an underlying nervous vibe, piano chords chugging that notion down as we dance to the end of all things.  Listen below and grab the album of the same name here via MIND Records.


Melodic, atmospheric, lo-fi black metal?  Yeah, that sounds like something i'd listen to.  Listen to "Valley of Torment" below, a track from new album "Zhora" by black metal band Moonknight.  It's a dusty, crunchy, and somber affair, a perfectly fitting kind of dirge for the impending death of the European Union and the inevitable worldwide fallout that will come along with it.  Download the album here, courtesy of Rising Beast.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Boy Harsher

It's been hot as hell here the last few days in Austin, but here's some chilly, minimalist synth pop from Massachusetts to cool us all down a little bit.  Electro-cold wave duo Boy Harsher make the kind of pulsing, icy jams that transport you to dark, Gothic ragers in abandoned warehouses and factories, congregating with all of the other freaks and outcasts.  Maybe someone's a werewolf.  Maybe not.  Anyway, get the band's new "Yr Body Is Nothing" LP here (physical edition of 50 records!) and listen to the title track below.

Sannhet - Short Life

So far, this summer's crop of free singles from Adult Swim have skewed to either thumpy dance jams or crunchy metal ragers.  And i'm good with these extremes.  This week's comes from Brooklyn experimental metal band Sannhet, an instrumental cacophony called "Short Life."  Listen below and download here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Portishead - SOS

A little earlier this year, Portishead released a cover of ABBA's "SOS" that was featured in Ben Wheatley's "High-Rise," and it was really damn good.  The trio just put out a video for the song today, a somber black and white affair, that closes with a quote from the recently murdered British politician Jo Cox.  Watch below.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Aphex Twin - CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]

Aphex Twin videos were always kind of an event unto themselves back in the day, albeit generally a kind of creepy event.  Whether it was buxom, bikini-clad women with terribly mutated Richard D. James heads dancing by pools or in limos, or a gaggle of mutant children...with terribly mutated Richard D. James heads terrorizing your grandma, each video was certainly unique, entertaining, and...creepy.  While the latest video from Aphex Twin, his first in almost two decades, is not quite as sinister or scary as previous outings, it was directed by a twelve year old.  And it's weird.  Watch "CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]" below and get the "Cheetah" EP from Warp next month.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Danny Brown - When It Rain

New music from Detroit rapper Danny Brown is always a welcome event, especially when it's as hyper and frenetic as "When It Rain."  Watch the retro-ish video below.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

OJ: Made in America

The last episode aired last night, and i haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but i've got to say that ESPN's "OJ: Made in America" documentary, part of the network's ongoing "30 for 30" film series is some of the most interesting and compelling TV i've ever seen.  I'm a sucker for a good documentary, so maybe i'm a little biased in this kind of thinking, but the movie/mini-series has presented a load of information that was new to me, as well as taking a well publicized and documented and event and presenting it from different points of view and in different contexts.  It's amazing, and encourage any and everybody to give it a view.  Watch the trailer below.

Friday, June 17, 2016


Somehow i forgot that there was a new Swans record coming out today...and from all looks and sounds, it's going to be another hard, dark, heavy (both literally and figuratively) sonic exploration.  Following 2012's "The Seer" and 2014's "To Be Kind," "The Glowing Man" seems to complete the trilogy of sorts, and has been hinted as the last album by the band in its current incarnation.  Listen to the haunting "When Will I Return" featuring vocals from Michael Gira's wife Jennifer, then get the album from Young God.

The Wytches

Brighton's The Wytches chug and groove on a raucous and hazy mix of surf, psych, and garage rock.  It's a noisy good time.  Watch the video for "Who Rides?" below and grab the new "Home Recordings" EP here on cassette or download.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


"Calico Review," the upcoming new album from LA garage rock band Allah-Las, finds the group forging their path into softer, dreamier, more psych-drenched territory, further exploring and refining their 60's-indebted sound.  Turns out they're pretty good at it too.  Watch the video for "Famous Phone Figure" below and pre-order the new LP from Mexican Summer.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Neon Demon

"The Neon Demon," the upcoming new film by Nicolas Winding Refn is one of the movies i'm very excited about this summer, though who knows when i'll get to see it (2 kids and all).  Meanwhile, regular Refn collaborator Cliff Martinez provided the synthy, moody score, and it's out next month on Milan Records.  Check out the opening "Neon Demon" below.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day of Revenge

In light of recent tragic events, and as the politicizing of the Orlando mass murder begins to take hold of social media in spades, and with the hordes of states who currently have anti-trans bathroom bills on their dockets, maybe it's time to listen to some pissed off queer and trans punk rock.  And so we get "Trans Day of Revenge," a brand spanking new EP from Olympia, Washington's G.L.O.S.S., and a rager, albeit a short one, from start to finish.  Listen to the title track below, download it here from the band, and pre-order the 7" from Total Negativity.  And remember that you know a gay person or a trans person.  He/she may be a friend, or a family member, or a co-worker, or associate, or neighbor.  You might not even be aware of it.  Said person may not be "out" because of the trials and tribulations (and danger more explicitly) that come along with that decision.  But they are people all the same.  They deserve your respect.  They deserve your understanding and acceptance.  They deserve to be able to pee in peace.  They deserve to be able to hold hands with their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse or kiss in public without being marginalized, mocked, spat at, or worse.  They deserve to be safe and to be able to live their lives without fear and without hate.  That being said, let's rage together.

And fuck you Dan Patrick.

Horseback - Shape of the One Thing

Chapel Hill's Horseback is one of those bands (or one-man-bands) whose influences are so vast and eclectic, that you can never really be sure what to expect when a new album comes out, or even where it's going to go from track to track.  Elements of country, Americana, dark folk, psychedelia, drone, black metal, electronic, industrial, noise, ambient, and on and on and on creep in all over the place, creating a oeuvre of sonic art that's really unparalleled by Jenks Miller's contemporaries.  Just listen to the synthy, grooving, almost krautrock-like precision of "Shape of One Thing" from the upcoming new album "Dead Ringers."  I certainly wouldn't have expected this direction based on other albums and songs i've heard, but at the same time, how could i not expect another 180 degree turn?  At any rate, it's a really cool jam, and i'm stoked for a new album.  Get it from Relapse in August.


On Sunday night, my wife had the Tony's on the TV while we fed and played with the boys.  As expected, "Hamilton" seemed to be nominated for and winning everything.  One of the actors from said stage musical who took an award home with is was Daveed Diggs...whom i found out later that night is a member of LA noise rap group clipping.  I've been listening to clipping. for a couple of years and had absolutely no idea that one of its members was also a Broadway actor.  Anyway, clipping. have a new EP out on Sub Pop called "Wriggle."  Take a listen to the thumping, menacing "Shooter" below and download the EP here.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Preoccupations (fka Viet Cong)

While i wholly understand the band's decision to change their name, after the slew of negative press they received about it, it still irks me just a little bit as i feel our culture has become way, way too easily offended.  Also, i'm incredibly OCD about certain things and will now have to split up the records by the band in my alphabetized collection.  (It's always about me.)  That being said, Preoccupations is a good name.  And what's even better is the band has a new record coming out in September on Jagjaguwar (and with the new name, the band gets to go self-titled again).  First single "Anxiety" is an appropriately anxious and moody jam, full of noise and dissonance, with a kind of gothy, post-punk vibe running underneath.  It's excellent.  And the video is creepy.  Listen and watch below.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Merchandise - Flower of Sex

Florida post punk band Merchandise just released a new, one-off single and video, the lush and gorgeous "Flower of Sex," a reverb-drenched pop track that's equal parts shoegaze and brooding.  Listen and watch below.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Yasiin Bey

Yasiin Bey, or he whom we used to refer to as Mos Def, is hard at work on what he has said will be his final album.  The project is seemingly called Dec. 99th, and here's a track from the thing called "Local Time."  It's a trippy, soulful little slow jam that feels like it might be right at home on a Massive Attack album.  Listen below.

Friday, June 10, 2016


The ever-busy Ty Segall is readying his latest album, this time around in a garage punk supergroup of sorts with Ex-Cult's Chris Shaw and Fuzz's Charles Moothart, a trio called GØGGS.  The self-titled LP is out in July on In The Red.  Listen to "Needle Trade Off" below.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Stranger Things

I had no idea the upcoming Netflix show "Stranger Things" even existed until this afternoon when i saw the trailer.  And i have to say it look absolutely amazing, like something that was made with me in mind.  I'm also truly digging on the 70's/80's Spielberg-ian vibe of the whole thing.  July 15th cannot get here soon enough.  Watch the trailer below.

Sharon "Mhati" Chatam's Fantasy

I love the obscure and strange library music releases that get reissued by a slew of different labels.  There's so much cool, weird, and funky music to find.  Rappers and DJ's alike should be flocking to these things for samples.  Anyway, originally release in 1973, Sharon "Mhati" Chatam's "Fantasy" is getting the reissue treatment from Cinedelic, though you can pre-order it stateside from Light in the Attic.  Produced by Italian Maestro Gianfranco Reverberi, "Fantasy" features erotic cuts, groovy jazz and funk, and some takes on tracks by Elton John, Carly Simon, and more.  Listen to "I've Got an Idea" below.  It's pretty awesome.  Groove baby.

Melody's Echo Chamber

A couple weeks ago, Melody Prochet of Paris psych-fueled, dreampop band Melody's Echo Chamber put up some unreleased dreamy, floaty psych-pop demos that hopefully, maybe surface on a record sometime in the future.  For now though, these will have to do, but they're so good as is, that maybe that's all we need.  Listen to "From Pink They Fell into Blue" below and check out the others here.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


This month sees the release of "Alienation," the latest album from horror synth revivalist Umberto, courtesy of Not Not Fun.  The new album feels deeper and more melancholy than anything he's done before, and it makes for quite a beautiful listen.  Watch the video for the wistful and spooky "Awakenings" below.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Zeal and Ardor

I never cease to be impressed with the meshing of different styles and genres to create something fresh and new that some artists just seem to excel at.  And so we have New York's Zeal and Ardor, a metal band of sorts who incorporate gospel, blues, world music, and more into their eclectic mix.  It's similar to what Algiers did with soul and post punk last year.  Take a listen to the chain gang meets goth metal vibe of "Devil Is Fine" below and grab the album of the same name here.

Monday, June 6, 2016

The Belbury Poly

The Belbury Poly have always sounded like they're pulling sounds and styles from multiple decades of pop music and then stirring them all into some kind of delectable and aurally delicious stew.  You'll hear elements of the free love generation mixing perfectly with motorik, krautrock beats while new wave synth lines bounce against disco rhythms.  It's intoxicating and lush and they've got a new record out now!  Listen to "The New Harmony" below and grab the "New Ways Out" LP from Ghost Box.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Daily Bowie - Space Oddity

I might as well finish it where it all began for me.  "Space Oddity" is the first song by Bowie i ever remember hearing...and loving instantly.  In elementary school, i used to listen to a local classic rock station at night when i was supposed to be sleeping.  I discovered a lot of old rock n' roll that way, but "Space Oddity" was always one of those songs i would cross my fingers and hope i would hear every night.  And that would eventually lead to the last 30 years of Bowie adulation.  It's been a lot of fun posting all of these songs over the last five months, and it's been a great way to rediscover my all time favorite artist.  His death really affected me, and continues to, and i'm going to continue to miss him and his wonderful art.  But we'll always have the music.  And we'll always have the movie rolls.  And who knows?  I may end up posting a random Bowie song here and there, but for now, we're at an end.  Please enjoy "Space Oddity," your Daily Bowie...

Friday, June 3, 2016

EKKAH and Dam-Funk

Just in case you haven't danced to day, and were maybe thinking to yourself, "Hey, i should dance today," here's a silky smooth little dance number from UK disco pop duo EKKAH featuring some cosmic and funky production from Dam-Funk and a grooving little saxophone.  And you know how we feel about grooving little saxophones around here.  Listen to "What's Up" below.

Daily Bowie - 'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore

"'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore," your Daily Bowie.

Sur Back

Here's a dreamy, hazy little number from Sur Back, the project of Florida's Caroline Sans.  "Trophy Daughter" feels floaty and ethereal, space pop for a too-bright morning.  Listen below and be on the lookout for her "Kitsch" EP next month.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Beck - Wow

We got a new Beck song today.  "Wow" is kind of a mix of styles and genres, something that feels indebted to earlier work, like the kind of stuff that appeared on "Odelay" or "Guero."  I like it, but i'm still holding out for an eventual barroom country album.  Listen and watch the video below.

Angel Olsen - Intern

Yesterday, Angel Olsen released a teaser video for a song seemingly titled "Intern."  It's a spacey and sorrowful dream.  A rumored new album called "My Woman" is maybe on the horizon from Jagjaguwar, and if it's anything like this teaser, we're all in for a treat.  Watch below.

Daily Bowie - Ziggy Stardust

Kind of strange i haven't posted this song, "Ziggy Stardust," your Daily Bowie...

Cass McCombs

I've never really gotten all that into Cass McCombs, but the folky troubadour may finally have me convinced with his latest track "Opposite House."  The track has a ghostly, watching the rain hit the window kind of vibe, gray clouds looming just behind his gentle voice while Angel Olsen provides soft cooing in the background.  This is rainy day music at its best.  Listen below and look for the upcoming "Mangy Love" LP in August from Anti.

The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra

It's been 16 long years since last we heard from the Australian DJ wunderkinds of The Avalanches, with many rumors and missed release dates behind us, but at last the group's sophomore effort, "Wildflower," is coming out next month.  The first bonkers single, "Frankie Sinatra," features vocal assists from Danny Brown and MF DOOM, and is accompanied by a fittingly bonkers video.  Watch it below and pre-order the record in various forms from Newbury Comics/Astralwerks.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Sounding something akin to a final, climactic battle or the sorrow and burning embers of a wartime scorched earth campaign, Québec black metal band Forteresse's "Lá Oú Nous Allons" is at once blistering and atmospheric, the kind of black metal jam that makes you feel both the doom and the elation.  Listen below and get the upcoming "Thèmes pour la Rébellion" album later this month on Sepulchral Productions.


It's summertime, and that means it's time for weekly free jams courtesy of Adult Swim.  They've been doing their summer singles for awhile now, and every year they certainly do supply the goodies.  This week's selection (the series started last week) comes from Bay area stoner metal band VHÖL, and their new shredding jam "Dispatch."  Listen below and go here to download.

Daily Bowie - D.J.

"I am a D.J., I am what i play."  I feel the sentiment often.  Watch the video for "D.J." below, your Daily Bowie.