Saturday, April 30, 2022

Desire Featuring Mirage

Desire's new album "Escape," their first in over a decade, is due next month.  Here's a new track from the duo featuring an assist from Mirage.  Watch the video for "Love Is a Crime" below and download the song here from Italians Do It Better.

Daily Jam - Can't Fight It

Here's an excellent and sad song from Bob Mould that appeared on the "No Alternative" compilation that came out in the early '90s.  Listen to "Can't Fight It" below, our Daily Jam.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Teen Suicide

I feel like it's been a spell since we last got some lo-fi goodness from Teen Suicide.  But here we are with a new track.  "Coyote (2015-2021)" is a noodling, guitar and piano number, soothing and meditative, and probably just what i need at the moment.  And that trumpet is transcendent.  Listen below and download it here from Run For Cover.

Iceage - All the Junk on the Outskirts

Here's a formerly unreleased track from Danish punks Iceage that was recorded during the sessions for the band's 2018 album "Beyondless."  That record is a favorite around these parts, so some unearthed tunes from the era are most welcome.  Check out "All the Junk on the Outskirts" below and download the track here from Mexican Summer.

Friday Horror Trailer - The Serpent and The Rainbow

Daily Jam - Burning Airlines Give You So Much More

When i was in high school, there was this really strange guy that i met a few times through one of my friends.  His name is lost to me, but i do remember he always wore this big, puffy orange jacket...even when it was hot outside.  And he loved Brian Eno.  It was all he listened to.  All he talked about.  I didn't really pay much attention at the time, but maybe i should have.  Because a couple of years later, i actually sat down and dug into Eno's discography.  And that weird guy in high school was right.  Anyway, here's Eno with "Burning Airlines Give You So Much More," our Daily Jam.

Thursday, April 28, 2022


Here's a wonderfully weird mix of electronica, jazz, and other assorted oddities from the duo called Anteloper.  "One Living Genus" is a swirling head trip of a tune, sprawling and intoxicating.  Check it out below and pre-order the upcoming "Pink Dolphins" LP here from indispensable International Anthem.

Daily Jam - Sailing to Byzantium

For practically 20 years now, Liars consistently hits that sweet spot for me.  Here's a track from their 2007 self-titled album.  Listen to "Sailing to Byzantium" below, our Daily Jam.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The KVB Remixed by Drab Majesty

Here's another cool pairing this morning with LA darkwave artist Drab Majesty remixing a track from UK shoegaze outfit The KVB.  Check out the mix of "Blind" below and get it here from Invada.

Final Light

Before i went to bed last night, i came across the very cool new project from James Kent of Perturbator fame and Johannes Persson from Cult of Luna.  Final Light combines the dark synths and video game techno of Peturbator with the heavy death metal of Cult of Luna, and it works to monstrous effect.  Check out "In the Void" below and pre-order the upcoming self-titled album here from Red Creek.

Daily Jam - The Real Thing

There was a time (30 years ago i guess), that i listened to Faith No More's "The Real Thing" and "Angel Dust" on repeat over and over again.  I could not get enough of those to albums.  And revisiting the title track from "The Real Thing" instantly transports me back, laying in bed at night when i should have been getting some sleep for school the next morning, headphones on, Walkman in hand, mouthing all the words to myself in the dark.  Check it out below, our Daily Jam.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Ty Segall

Ty Segall is back again (naturally) with a new album of garage and psych for the masses.  Pre-order this summer's "'Hello, Hi'" here from Drag City and listen to crunchy title track below.

Daily Jam - Valiant Brave

You ever have one of those songs that you just adore in the moment, but then seemingly forget about for years?  It happens to me probably more often than i'd care to admit, but it is a lot of fun to rediscover the old gems.  Here's one i went back to recently.  Check out "Valiant Brave" by psych-tinged indie band Ganglians below, our Daily Jam.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Cold Showers

June brings us a new EP from LA post punk band Cold Showers.  New track "How Do You Know This Love" features a spoken word assist from rapper Lil B, and finds the band channeling their inner "Madchester" sound to delirious effect.  Check the song out below and pre-order the upcoming "Strength in Numbers" EP here from Dais Records.


Here's some super dreamy shoegaze from Dutch band Resplandor that should hit the spot if you have that particular dreamy shoegaze itch to scratch.  Which i do.  Check out "Blue" below and get the band's "Tristeza" LP here from Automatic.

Daily Jam - Danse Des Mouches Noires Gardes Du Roi

I've got what looks to be a long and exhausting week ahead of me with work and such, and i get to play the part of single dad this weekend.  So, taking a deep breath and starting the week with some orchestral, jazzy psychedelic French pop from Jean Claude Vannier.  Here's "Danse Des Mouches Noires Gardes Du Roi," our Daily Jam.

Sunday, April 24, 2022


Anytime is a good time for some garage and surf rock.  Here's some from Seattle band Baywitch.  New album "Apocatropica" is out now.  Get it here from Halfshell Records and listen to "Economicon" below.

Daily Jam - Always Wanting More

I've got some Jay Reatard for everyone this fine Sunday, and i'm about to hit my second crawfish boil in less than 24 hours.  Nice.  Here's "Always Wanting More," our Daily Jam.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Large Plants

A few months back, Wolf People member Jack Sharp released a positively glorious psych rock cover of Madonna's "La Isla Bonita" as Large Plants.  And now Large Plants are back with a full-length of fuzzy, riff-laden psychedelia to study runes to.  Check out "No Difference" below and order "The Carrier" LP here from Ghost Box.

Daily Jam - I Call Your Name

Like a crazy person, i got up well before dawn this morning, masked up, and went out for Record Store Day.  And i spent way too much money.  Like i always do.  Anyway, here's some music from The Mamas & The Papas.  Listen to "I Call Your Name" below, our Daily Jam.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Mizmor & Thou

We've already heard Baton Rouge sludge band Thou and Portland metal band Mizmor cover Zola Jesus's "Night" with a little help from Emma Ruth Rundle for the upcoming 15th anniversary album for Sacred Bones.  It rules.  But i was unaware that the two behemoths also had a full-length collaborative record in store for us too.  It dropped to today digitally with the vinyl to follow this fall.  Check out "Drover of Man" below and pre-order "Myopia" here from Gilead Media.

Friday Horror Trailer - I, Madman

Daily Jam - It's a Wonderful Life

Like so many other artists, i really wish we'd gotten more music from Mark Linkous before his tragic death.  But that little bit that we did get is really something.  Here's "It's a Wonderful Life," our Daily Jam.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Smile

We all knew it was coming, it was just a question of when.  And now that question is answered with the announcement of the debut full-length album from Radiohead and Sons of Kemet side project The Smile.  We've heard a few singles so far, and the latest is the pretty and melancholy "Free in the Knowledge."  Check the video for that out below and pre-order the upcoming "A Light for Attracting Attention" LP here from XL Recordings.  The digital album comes out in three weeks with the vinyl following in June.


It has been a really long time since i've thought about UK band Editors.  I remember them when they first came out, riding a kind of post-punk revival wave kickstarted by bands like Interpol.  But it now appears that an artist i have very much thought about recently, Benjamin John Power, AKA Blanck Mass, has joined the band as a full time member.  And they've released a new single, which pretty much sounds like what i'd expect from these joined forces.  Check out "Heart Attack" below.

Daily Jam - So Long, Marianne

It's always a good time for the songs of Leonard Cohen.  Don't ever let anyone tell you different.  Here's the classic "So Long, Marianne," our Daily Jam.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

yoo doo right

Canadian trio yoo doo right are back in June with new album "A Murmur, Boundless to the East Yoo Doo Right," another collection of cosmos gazing post rock and proggy shoegaze.  The band calls it a "heartfelt salute to infinity and a critique of one's shortcomings."  Cool.  Check out the epic and interstellar "Feet Together, Face Up, on the Front Lawn" below and pre-order the album here from the band.

Daily Jam - Today I Left for the Big City

And now for some groovy, organ-centric psych pop from the duo of Teegarden & Van Winkle.  Check out "Today I Left for the Big City" below, our Daily Jam.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Ruth Radelet - Crimes

New music continues to gradually come out from the now disbanded members of Chromatics.  And it really is testament to how good that band was that all of the solo efforts have been as great as they are.  The latest is the absolutely dreamy and melancholy (and somewhat cathartic from what i'd imagine) new single from Ruth Radelet.  Listen to "Crimes" below.  I'll keep you posted as to future releases.

Daily Jam - Mutherfuker

Tuesday mood.  Here's Beck with "Mutherfuker," our Daily Jam.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Cremation Lily

UK artist Cremation Lily is back with a new album of shoegaze, post rock, ambience, electronic noise, and more with "Dreams Drenched in Static."  Check out the soaring buzz and hum of "Selfless" below and get the record here from The Flenser.

Daily Jam - Floyd the Barber

Here's an early classic Nirvana track to start our week off to.  Listen to "Floyd the Barber" below, our Daily Jam.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Night Sins

Philly darkwave death rock band Night Sins has a new album out in June called "Violet Age."  Check out the video for new single "Kill Like I Do" below and pre-order the album here from Born Losers.

Daily Jam - Creation A Child

Here's some bluesy, acid psych rock from Texas band Corpus made over 50 years ago.  Listen to "Creation A Child" below, our Daily Jam, and a happy holiday weekend to any and all who celebrate any of them.

Saturday, April 16, 2022


Here's a funky and dancey little number from classical composer and trumpet player CJ Carmerieri under his moniker CARM.  "Hollywood South" grooves and turns and feels like it should be the intro music for someone better than you or me.  Check it out below and get it here from 37d03d.

Daily Jam - Just Me and You

Here's some wonderful and slinky '60s doo-wop and pop from San Antonio trio The Dreamliners.  Enjoy "Just Me and You" below, our Daily Jam.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Friday Horror Trailer - Trick Or Treat

Plato III

I was able to catch Abilene artist Plato III a couple of times last month during SXSW, and quite enjoyed his mix of hip-hop, dreampop, and alt-rock.  June brings us his full-length debut for Polyvinyl Records.  Check out new tune "Sorry If I Dissed You" below and pre-order the upcoming "The Devil Has Texas" here.  And dig on that Modest Mouse sample.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Emile Mosseri

Experimental electronic artist and synthesizer enthusiast Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith has teamed with composer Emile Mosseri for a new collaborative album called "I Could Be Your Dog / I Could Be Your Moon."  Dreamy soundscapes abound.  Check out "Green to You" below and pre-order the record here from Ghostly International.


Indiana synthwave duo Metavari have a new album heading our way this summer.  Check out first taste "Kings Die Like Other Men (Rediscovery)" below and pre-order the "Soft Continuum (Studies Vol. 2)" LP here.

Billy Woods

I'm not overly familiar with New York rapper Billy Woods, though he did do a collaborative record with Moor Mother a couple of years ago that was really good, so i'm open to hearing anything.  Anyway, the artist just dropped new album "Aethiopes," and it's a slow burning, low key thrill.  El-P even pops up on the thing.  Check out the freeform jazz vibes of album opener "Asylum" below and download the album here from BackwoodzStudioz.


Sault dropped a new album out of the blue this week, and it finds the mysterious producer/artist in different waters.  On "Air," the artist pushes his funk, soul, and hip-hop sounds to the side for something more celestial.  Interstellar jazz and cinematic orchestral pop collide with choirs and an immense atmosphere, like calling down the heavens.  It's a wonderful and beautiful detour.  Check out the album opening "Reality" below and order the record here from Forever Living Originals.

Daily Jam - Lastima Grande

A couple of nights ago, i watched Richard Linklater's latest rotoscoped film, "Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood."  It was good.  I don't feel like there are a lot of filmmakers who can really lean into human nostalgia the way that Linklater does, and i'm always down for his rotoscoped films.  Here's a song from the soundtrack to his first one, "Waking Life."  Check out Tosca Tango Orchestra and "Lastima Grande" below, our Daily Jam.

Thursday, April 14, 2022


LA dreampop artist Launder has been kicking around for a couple of years, releasing a few singles, demos, and and EP, and now this summer we're getting a proper full-length debut.  Check out the very '90s alt-rock sounding new tune "Unwound" below and pre-order the "Happening" LP here from Ghostly International.

Daily Jam - If Nobody Moves Nobody Will Get Hurt (The Extinction)

I really miss The pAper chAse, their music just striking the a nerve with me with its mix of darkness and discord.  For now though, i'll just have to be content with John Congleton's stellar work as a producer/sound engineer.  Anyway, here's "If Nobody Moves Nobody Will Get Hurt (The Extinction)," our Texas Daily Jam.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Folk Implosion

We're getting even more frequencies from the '90s today with the first new music from The Folk Implosion in nearly 20 years.  The duo of Lou Barlow and John Davis began recording again during the pandemic remotely from different states finally ending with new EP "Feel It If You Feel It."  A full-length is in the works, but in the meantime, listen to "Don't Give It Away" below and order the 12" here from Joyful Noise.

3rd Secret

I've got to admit that i wasn't expecting to hear music from a Seattle grunge supergroup this week, but here we are.  The band is 3rd Secret, and it boasts a lineup of Krist Novoselic (Nirvana), Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), and Matt Cameron (Soundgarden / Pearl Jam), which is then rounded out by Bubba Dupree (Void), Jennifer Johnson, and Jillian Raye.  The self-titled album pulls from Zeppelin, blues, grunge, and folk, and in some ways feels like a time capsule, but a good one.  Check out "I Choose Me" below and download the album here.

Thou, Mizmor, & Emma Ruth Rundle cover Zola Jesus

Last month when Sacred Bones announced their new "Todo Muere SBXV" compilation to celebrate their 15th anniversary, one of the tracks i was most interested in hearing was Thou, Mizmor, and Emma Ruth Rundle's take on the Zola Jesus song "Night."  Well, it's out, and it's heavy and magnificent.  Check it out below and pre-order the record here.  While you're there, check out a couple of the other tracks that have been released so far, including Boris covering SQURL and Marissa Nadler covering David Lynch.  Good stuff.

Daily Jam - Cannibal

Before The Jesus Lizard, there was Scratch Acid...or at least half of The Jesus Lizard.  The Austin noise and punk band was short lived, but tore it up during their tenure in the '80s and spawned one of the all time great punk acts.  Check out "Cannibal" below, our Daily Jam.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Built To Spill

Good news everyone!  It appears we're getting a new album from the long running alt-rock act Built To Spill in September.  Listen to "Gonna Lose" below and pre-order "When the Wind Forgets Your Name" here from Sub Pop.