Tuesday, May 31, 2022


Here's a cool mix of shoegaze, lo-fi fuzz, and alt-rock from Gone.  The band's debut album "Fever Dream" is out now on Crafting Room Records.  Get the cassette here and listen to the album opening "Buried" below.

Daily Jam - Fucker

How's your day been?  Mine has sucked so far.  Here's the Brian Jonestown Massacre with "Fucker," our Daily Jam.

Monday, May 30, 2022


Let's wind this long weekend down with some ambient synths and electronica.  Here's some wonderful new music from electronic artist 36 from the new "Symmetry Systems" LP.  Check out "Symmetry Systems (Porcelain)" below and order the record here from Past Inside the Present.

Daily Jam - Transparent Radiation (Flashback)

I have not gone out to buy the new Spiritualized album yet.  I should probably remedy that this week.  But in the meantime, let's listen to a classic from the earlier days and Spacemen 3.  Here's "Transparent Radiation (Flashback)," our Daily Jam.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Tony Molina

California artist Tony Molina has a new album heading our way in August.  Our first taste is the short and to the point track "The Last Time," a mix of lo-fi power pop and crunchy '90s indie rock.  Check it out below and pre-order the record here from Summer Shade.

Daily Jam - Everyone Choose Sides

Here's one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums.  Listen to The Wrens and "Everyone Choose Sides" below, our Daily Jam.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Reuben Lewis

Trumpeter and composer Reuben Lewis just released a very cool ambient jazz album full of synths, meditative textures, and trumpet.  New age transcendence abounds.  Get "The House Is Empty" here from Shimmering Moods Records and listen to the sprawling title track below.

R.E. Seraphin

California artist R.E. Seraphin just dropped a new EP of fuzzy, jangly, lo-fi psych and power pop nuggets.  The album includes some originals and covers.  Here's one of the covers.  Check out his wonderful take on Television Personalities "This Time There's No Happy Ending" below and order the "Swingshift" 12" here.

Daily Jam - Son

My oldest turns 9 today.  It's all very surreal.  Here's Scott Weiland with "Son," our Daily Jam.

Friday, May 27, 2022


Chicago post punk band Ganser are back with a few new songs this Fall.  Check out the '90s alt-rock vibes of "People Watching" below and pre-order the upcoming "Nothing You Do Matters" EP here from Felte.

Friday Horror Trailer - Slaughterhouse Rock

Daily Jam - Requiem

I don't think i've devoted enough of my listening time to Killing Joke.  So let's listen to some Killing Joke.  Here's "Requiem" from the band's debut, our Daily Jam.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Sky Ferreira

And we've got a new track from Sky Ferreira, her first song since "Downhill Lullaby" three years ago, which was her first new material in six years before that.  Anyway, maybe someday we'll get that "Masochism" sophomore effort we've been hearing about since 2015.  Is it the new "Dear Tommy?"  Time will tell.  For the time being though, enjoy the new soaring, synth-laden new single "Don't Forget."  Listen below.


LA psych and garage rock band Hooveriii have a new record coming our way this summer.  And our first taste of "A Round of Applause" is the album's opening track "See," a poppy, reverb drenched psychedelic number with just a little bit of southern rock flare.  It's good.  Check it out below, pre-order the download here, and pre-order the vinyl here from The Reverberation Appreciation Society.

Daily Jam - Dirt

It's probably been 25 years since i last thought about this song, but i have quite vivid memories of watching the video in my dorm room freshman year in various states of inebriation.  Anyway, here's "Dirt" by Death In Vegas, our Daily Jam.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Animal Ghosts

I think i'm going to log off for a little while after posting this.  The horrors of this world and the news cycle are breaking me.  I'm just going to listen to some pretty music for a minute, try to do some work, love on my kids, and hopefully help somewhere.  Here's the pretty music.  Portland shoegaze artist Animal Ghosts' new album is out next week.  Listen to "Stellar" below and pre-order the "Wallow" LP here from the artist.


From Minneapolis, the four-piece Green/Blue make pop rock that's part post punk, part new wave, and part jangle pop.  The band's new album "Paper Thin" drops next month.  Get it here from Feel It Records and listen to the album opening "In Lies" below.

Poison Ruïn

Philly punk band Poison Ruïn has a new 7" out with all the dungeon synth-tinged, lo-fi punk you could want.  Listen to "Not Today, Not Tomorrow" below, download it here, and get the record here from Roachleg Records.

Daily Jam - Butterfly Wings

There's nothing i can really say today that i probably haven't said hundreds of times in the last 23 years.  I'm just really sad and really angry.  Here's a song from the '90s.  Listen to Machines of Loving Grace and "Butterfly Wings" below, our Daily Jam.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Hey, we're getting a new album from Suede later this year.  It's lovely that these guys are still kicking around.  Check out "She Still Lead Me On" below and pre-order the upcoming "Autofiction" LP here from BMG.

Daily Jam - Golgotha and the Circle Closes

Here's to what is likely to be another long ass, stressful day.  Here's Edgar Froese with "Golgotha and the Circle Closes," our Daily Jam.

Monday, May 23, 2022


Early morning.  Long day.  Here's a mix of alt-country, dreampop, alt-rock, shoegaze, psych pop and more from Australia's Workhorse.  New album "No Photographs" is out in August on Dinosaur City Records.  Order it here and listen to "Chain" below.

Daily Jam - Voyage

Let's all take a journey into discoid funk.  Listen to "Voyage" by Brian Bennett below, our Daily Jam.

Sunday, May 22, 2022


Here's some new music from the ever prolific Osees...or Oh Sees...or Thee Oh Sees...or OCS...or whatever they might be calling themselves these days.  Recently John Dwyer and Co. have been noodling around with prog and interstellar jazz, but on the upcoming "A Foul Form," if the the lead off track "Funeral Solution" is any indication, is looking to be a raucous and guttural mix of punk, metal, and noise.  Check that track out below and get the album here from Castle Face in August.

Porridge Radio

I'm still a little bummed that i didn't get to see UK post punk/alt-rock band Porridge Radio back in 2020 when SXSW was cancelled because of COVID.  Maybe someday.  But they're still chugging along, and just dropped their new album "Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder to the Sky."  Get that here from Secretly Canadian and listen to "The Rip" below.

Daily Jam - Down in a Hole

Not my favorite Alice In Chains song, but it's real close.  Listen to "Down in a Hole" below, our Daily Jam.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Mai Mai Mai

How to describe the music of Italian artist Mai Mai Mai.  The project incorporates elements of goth and darkwave, industrial and electronic, ambient and drone, and folk and world elements to create something ritualistic and mind melting.  Check out "Fimmene Fimmene" below, featuring an assist from Vera di Lecce and disappear into the ether.  And get the new "Rimorso" LP here from Maple Death.

Daily Jam - This Lamb Sells Condos

Here's one from composer and violinist Owen Pallett back in his Final Fantasy days.  Weird baroque chamber pop for all.  Listen to "This Lamb Sells Condos" below, our Daily Jam.

Friday, May 20, 2022


Here's some really rad pop from Turkish band Lalalar.  "Abla Deme Lazim Olur" is full of exotic psychedelia, Anatolian rock, pop beats, and just a little bit of menace.  It's awesome, and the band's new "Bi Cinnete Bakar" LP is just full of this kind of stuff.  Check the track out below, and then get the album here from Les Disques Bongo Joe.

Friday Horror Trailer - Hitcher in the Dark

Daily Jam - (From the) Morning Glories

Here's some '80s underground college rock from Feelies side project The Trypes.  The outfit only released one EP with 1984's "The Explorers Hold," but it's a beauty.  Check out "(From the) Morning Glories" below, our Daily Jam.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Special Interest

New Orleans noisy, synthy punk act Special Interest just dropped a new single today.  Check out the surprisingly club ready "(Herman's) House" below and download it here from Rough Trade.


Here's some new, moody darkwave from German artist Glaring.  The "Paralyzed" EP is out now.  Get it here and listen to the title track below.

Emma Ruth Rundle

Emma Ruth Rundle has been on a tear lately.  The goth, metal, and folk influenced artist has released a slew of excellent material over the last couple of years, including some collaborations with folks like Chelsea Wolfe and Thou, and her latest is a haunting collection of ambient folk and drone, a subdued soundtrack to a decaying earth.  Get "EG2: Dowsing Voice" here via Sargent House and listen to the excellently titled, album closing "In Sadness for Our Dying World (here come the Christians)" below.

Daily Jam - Grounded

It's Pavement time.  Here's "Grounded," our Daily Jam.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Moving on with some indie rock from LA's Fime, the quartet that used to be Jay Som's backing band.  The group's upcoming album "Sweeter Memory" is out in July.  Order it here from Forged Artifacts and watch the video for "White Collar Gold" below.

Daily Jam - White Jazz

Here's some 20-year old Austin indie rock from a band that was playing around town back when i was too (they were more successful).  Listen to Black Lipstick and "White Jazz" below, our Daily Jam.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Revelators Sound System

Here's some kind of dubby, kind of cosmic jazz vibes from North Carolina project Revelators Sound System.  "George the Revelator" has all the vibes to put me in a most tranquil state for the hopefully the rest of the day.  Check it out below and pre-order the "Revelators" EP here from 37d03d Records.

Danger Mouse & Black Thought

Shifting sonic gears a little bit here this morning with some sounds from the upcoming collaboration between legendary producer Danger Mouse and legendary rapper Black Thought.  The duo's "Cheat Codes" LP is out in August on BMG, so watch for that.  In the meanwhile, check out the video for "No Gold Teeth" below.


I feel like i'm probably not alone in this, but do any of you have one of those bands or artists that you know is good, but for some reason or another you've just never given yourself over to?  For me, that's Wilco.  I am very aware that Jeff Tweedy and Co. are talented musicians and songwriters, and i pretty much like everything i've heard by them (i even own a couple albums), but if given a choice between them and something else, i'm going to go with that something else like 99% of the time.  I don't know why.  All that being said, the band's upcoming "Cruel Country," which drops at the end of the month, should be a treat.  The massive, 21-song album finds them diving into the deep end of the alt-country sound they've always been (maybe unfairly) associated with.  Check out "Tired of Taking It Out On You" below and pre-order here.

Horse Jumper of Love

Boston band Horse Jumper of Love is one of those groups whose name i remember seeing a whole lot a few years ago, but for whatever reason, i just never got around to checking out.  That's looking to be remedied with the band's upcoming new album "Natural Part," as its title track is finding a way to crawl beneath my skin.  Weird and hypnotic, i kind of love it.  Check it out below and pre-order the album here from Run For Cover Records.

Party Dozen Featuring Nick Cave

Sydney's Party Dozen make noisy, sax-infused, no-wave and punk inspired music to melt your brain to.  Here they are with an assist from Nick Cave making some of that said noise.  Check out "Macca the Mutt" below and pre-order the band's upcoming "The Real Work" LP here from Temporary Residence.

Sally Dige

Berlin based pop artist Sally Dige dropped a new single back in March that i missed, but am catching up on now.  Listen to "I Will Be the Sun for You" below and get it here from the artist.

The Haunted Youth

Here's some wonderful, melancholy pop from Belgium's The Haunted Youth that feels like it incorporates all the best and dreamiest bits of pop from the last 40 years.  Listen to "Broken (Extended Version)" below and get the "Broken" 12" maxi single here from Mayway Records.

JB Dunckel

JB Dunckel is best known as one half of the French duo Air, and this month he's ventured out on his own with solo album "Carbon."  Psych pop synths abound.  Check out the dreamy "Zombie Park" below and download the album here.

Daily Jam - The Low Line

Hank III's 2011 double album "Ghost to a Ghost / Guttertown" is still one of my favorite records to come out in the last 20 years or so, its blistering mix of outlaw country, punk rock, folk, Americana, zydeco, and ambient drone playing like some maniac's mixtape in my head rent free.  Here's a track from said opus steeped in Great Depression tones and railway sounds, conjuring images of sad and desperate folks searching for life.  Check out "The Low Line" below, our Daily Jam.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Zombi & Friends

Pittsburgh synth and prog duo Zombi are back with a new album, though this time it's a covers record, and they've brought some friends along to provide the vocals.  Hear the band cover everyone from Dionne Warwick to Neil Diamond and beyond, featuring assists from members of The Sword, Trans Am, and more.  It plays like a stoner's yacht rock album.  Check out the cover of the Alan Parsons Project's "Sirius/Eye in The Sky" below and get the "Zombi & Friends, Vol 1" LP here from Relapse.

Daily Jam - Biko

And now for a little Peter Gabriel.  Listen to "Biko" below, our Daily Jam.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Daily Jam - Evening Star

Some mornings you just have to listen to Robert Fripp and Brian Eno do what they do.  Here's the title track from the duo's collaborative album "Evening Star," our Daily Jam.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Daily Jam - Movin' on Up

And now for a classic from Primal Scream.  Listen to "Movin' on Up" below, our Daily Jam.