Friday, June 18, 2021

Friday Horror Trailer - The Mutations

Lingua Ignota

Experimental noise artist Lingua Ignota is back with the feel good hit of the summer.  New album "Sinner Get Ready" is out in August.  Listen to darkened folk sounds of "Pennsylvania Furnace" and check out the video below.  Then pre-order the album here from Sargent House.

Daily Jam - Nub

Start your day with some Jesus Lizard.  Here's "Nub," our Daily Jam.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Divide and Dissolve and Chelsea Wolfe

Earlier this year, Australian female duo Divide and Dissolve released the excellent "Gas Lit" LP, a collection of slow and heavy drone metal about imperialism, colonialism, and the plight of indigenous peoples.  Three of the tracks off the record are getting the remix/rework treatment on the upcoming "Gas Lit 3 Part Remix," one of those tracks being a pretty intense reworking of "Far From Ideal" from Chelsea Wolfe.  The new version is just as cacophonous as its original counterpart, but weightier with Wolfe's haunted vocals.  Check it out below and pre-order the remix EP here.

Daily Jam - Lucky Denver Mint

I never really got all that into Arizona band Jimmy Eat World, though as far as pop alt-rock songs go, you can't really beat 1999's "Lucky Denver Mint."  Check it out below, our Daily Jam.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Ritual Veil

Portland duo Ritual Veil just dropped an EP of '80s synth and new wave indebted pop.  Seriously, these guys have nailed the sound so succinctly, that you could have plucked theses songs straight out of 1985.  Check out "Keep Looking Down" below and get the EP of the same name here.

Alessandro Cortini

Alessandro Cortini is an Italian artist based in Portugal specializing in synthesizer explorations, dark ambient, and drone.  New album "Scuro Chiaro" just came out last week with sounds and tones that feel like that they're coming in from the farthest reaches of space.  Check out "Chiaroscuro" below, download the album here, and go over to Mute for the vinyl.

Daily Jam - Great Day

It's always going to suck that we lost MF Doom last year.  So here's a track from his Madvillain, his legendary collaboration with producer Madlib.  Check out "Great Day" below, our Daily Jam.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Daily Jam - Prisoner 763

Tages were a psychedelic pop band out of Sweden in the 1960s.  I scored an old copy of their self-titled record earlier this year and it's been working its way into every nook and cranny in my ears ever since.  Check out "Prisoner 763" below, our Daily Jam.

The Body and BIG|BRAVE

Experimental metal bands The Body and BIG|BRAVE have paired together for the forthcoming collaborative effort, "Leaving None But Small Birds."  Our first listen is kind of dusty, grungey alt-rock crawl of "Oh Sinner."  Check it out below and pre-order the album here from Thrill Jockey.