Saturday, July 13, 2024


I had to bid farewell to my car of the last 12 years this morning, my wonderful little Kia Soul.  I also had to buy a new one this morning as well, and now i'm stuck with a car note again.  Le sigh.  Anyhoo, here's some great throwback music from Chicago band Sleepwalk.  The new "Out of Focus" EP has got a little bit of grunge, a little bit of shoegaze, and some hints of emo.  Check out "Lucky to Be" below and snag the cassette here from the band.

Daily Jam - Four Hearts in a Can

Do you have that part of you that just wants to get lost? To get in your car, to go out for milk or cigarettes, and to never return? To pull off of the freeway and turn onto a lonely road that leads to…somewhere? Or nowhere. There’s this little piece of me that wants to drive into the desert, a beautiful, serene sunset to one side of me and an ominous, terrifying stormfront to the other. Nothing in front of me but road. And nothing behind me but dust and more road. I’m not running from anything, I just need some quiet. I just need to breathe. Alone in my thoughts. Alone in my head. Alone in my car.

Pinks and oranges and blues and yellows. The universe turns into an array of colors before me, the result of light and particles and different wavelengths. And I drive onward, windows open, wind and the remaining sun on my face, the hum of the engine and tire tread on pavement, until I’m reset. Until I’m restored. Until…

…I’m back.

Cue up “Four Hearts in a Can” from Smog’s 1996 album The Doctor Came at Dawn, and start the engine. Check the gauges, and the fluids, and the gas. Then go.

Friday, July 12, 2024

Mica Levi

Here's a pretty and sprawling new track from composer and musician Mica Levi.  "Slob Air" is cinematic and wistful, and also feels like some 12" extended version of a college pop radio single from 35 years ago.  Check it out below and get it here from Hyperdub.

Galaxie 500

It sure would be cool if old school Boston indie band Galaxie 500 were to reunite and give me a chance to see them live.  At the moment, there's nothing like that in sight, but at least we're getting a sweet new collection of B-sides and rarities with the upcoming "Uncollected Noise New York '88-'90."  Check out the previously unreleased "I Wanna Live" below and pre-order the LP here from Silver Current Records.

Friday Horror Trailer - Ghoulies II

Daily Jam - To the End

My wife and I got married almost 16 years ago in an outdoor service cheekily dubbed the “Lakeside Inferno” by one of my groomsmen, a party held on a 90+ degree day in September by a lakeside vista to cap off about 9 years of dating, which is a kind of surreal thing for me to think about. So much has happened since then. But you should have seen us. Younger. Skinnier. Me with a stupid haircut. We had it all. And now we’re fast approaching a quarter century of being together, and if there’s been any kind of constant in all of that time, it’s been my attempt to get her to listen to and enjoy all of the music I love.

Before the wedding, we spent weeks trying to agree on a song for our first dance. And I enjoyed every second of that long and winding discussion, as we spent many a warm evening drinking beer, wine, or cocktails while I played track after track on the stereo at home. I forget how many tunes we considered as serious contenders, but there were certainly a few. Stevie Wonder’s “I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)” was a frontrunner for a while, but eventually fell to The Flamingos’ “I Only Have Eyes for You,” the song we both agreed felt right. That being said, I pushed hard for one of my favorite Blur songs, the wonderfully slinky “To the End” from 1994’s Parklife.

Recorded with additional uncredited vocals from Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier (another favorite), the song plays like a melancholy slow dance between two longtime lovers (here played by Sadier and Blur front man Damon Albarn) who have been through it all together, seen everything, and have maybe grown a little distant from each other as the years have passed them by. But they’re still together. And they’re still in love. It’s almost like a last dance.

Ultimately, we went another direction as we were in the market for a first dance, but you can bet I'll be playing “To the End” when it’s comes time for our last.

“You and I collapsed in love. And it looks like we might have made it. Yes, it looks like we’ve made it to the end.”

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Flesh of Morning

It's always a bit surprising to me that we have a little darkwave synth pop scene here in Austin.  Probably because it's so fucking hot, and the genre is an icy one.  Anyway, local darkwave act Flesh of Morning just dropped a new track for our listening pleasure.  Check out "The Devil in Me" below and get it here from A La Carte Records.

Kelly Lee Owens

UK electronic artist Kelly Lee Owens has a new album heading our way in October.  Check out the danceable new track "Love You Got" below and pre-order the "Dreamstate" LP here from dh2.

Daily Jam - Atomic

Like a whole lot of folks I know, I used to be in a band. I think we were pretty good too, not world shattering by any means, but we were definitely getting better before things went south and we imploded. We played some shows, recorded an album, and filled our rehearsal space with so much cigarette smoke, it makes my lungs wheeze just thinking about it. But one of the things we never did, and I'm regretful for it to this day, was become part of a larger scene. We neglected to join a likeminded group of peers, freaks, and musicians with which to spread our sound and our art. And that sucks. Who knows what kind of mythmaking we could have enabled and been a part of? Maybe after disbanding, the stories and rumors would have remained, local pop culture lore spread by word of mouth and hazy memory.

But we didn’t.

All of this is probably my fault, as I can fall into my own idiosyncratic antisocial quirks every now and then, or maybe there just wasn’t a scene to fit into. We can’t all be the New York punk rock scene of the 1970's I guess.

Man, to have been around then and there to hang out at CBGB’s or Max’s Kansas City and see early performances by The Ramones or Talking Heads or Television or Richard Hell or Suicide or The Heartbreakers. To watch the scene unfold. To exist in the peripheries of punk rock Americana and experience the mythology firsthand. Each band as legendary as the last, sometimes before even taking the stage, and the stories, stories, stories, collections of truths, half-truths, and bullshit that somehow just all made sense. Patti Smith’s sexuality or Dee Dee turning tricks or Debbie Harry having narrowly avoided being murdered by notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, the mythmaking was alive and pulsing, along with bass lines and amplifiers and heartbeats rattled by too much cocaine.

Where was all this shit in Austin 20 years ago? We should have been playing shows with a host of other weirdos, writing songs together, popping pills, drinking whiskey and cheap beer, and writing our own histories, mythic art rock deities to be remembered forever by other weirdos.

But we didn’t...

...which brings me to Blondie, the hippest punk/new wave/disco hybrid act to have ever graced the stage and our home stereos, and their disco pop banger “Atomic.”

I don’t really have any more to add here, so let’s just listen to the song and remember how fucking cool Debbie Harry and the band were.

Still are.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Magdalena Bay

We've got some new pop coming or way at the end of the summer from LA duo Magdalena Bay, so get those bodies ready to dance.  Check out new tune "Image" below and pre-order the upcoming "Imaginal Disk" LP here from the band.