Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Kid is done

1989: Ken Griffey Jr. starts his rookie year with the Seattle Mariners, and is an immediate all star. Kids clamor to find his Upper Deck rookie card. I was one of those kids...and alas, i still don't have a copy of it. Damn.

1998: Remember when baseball was done? No one cared, and it was never coming back? Then the home run race began. Mcgwire, Sosa, and Griffey were all in the mix, but then the two roided-up yahoos pulled ahead. Can you imagine where we'd be if Junior had broken the record that year?

2010: Ken Griffey Jr. retires. We're going to miss you buddy. You are still the only sports star i ever had a poster of on my bedroom wall when i was growing up.

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