Sunday, February 13, 2011


So, i guess in an attempt to seem more legit, the Grammy for album of the year goes to Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs." So...congratulations? I guess that's great and all, but really, i think a 3rd place ribbon at an elementary school field day has more prestige. Look at the nominees. Eminem. Katy Perry. Lady Gaga. Lady Antebellum. You've got a guy who hasn't been relevant in 5 years, a girl who won't be relevant in 2, some mutant that the gays have in place to usurp Madonna's throne, and some people i've never heard of before. Congratulations indeed. So, way to go Arcade Fire. You do actually deserve the acclaim, and "The Suburbs" was one of my favorite albums of 2010, but for the Grammys, it's just too little too late.

What? No Jethro Tull?

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