Saturday, February 5, 2011


At once off putting and inviting, methodical beeps and boops pulsing like circuitry until the drone and underwater beats kick in, and the vocals swirl around you, like birdies or stars after a head injury. Timed. Even. Controlled. You'd swear it was a result of German tinkering, but then all at once you explode.

So enter Suuns. Their debut LP, "Zeroes QC," is an interesting listen, able to entice and repel simultaneously, they're really hard to pigeon hole. At times, they sound like part of new wave of analog synth-enthusiasts, and at the next a shoegazey wall of sound, but the throbbing pulse continues to beat and pulls everything back in to a quite beautiful, cohesive whole. Definitely worth checking out. I've been jamming it for days.

Buy the album from Secretly Canadian, or just grab a couple of mp3s while you're there.

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