Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Horror Trailer Week: Kill List

The last few years have seen British filmmaker Ben Wheatley come out as a real master of genre cinema.  Every one of his films feels totally unique, playing with bits of horror, noir, crime, and more, yet maintains a director's signature and style.  2011's "Kill List" was the first Wheatley film i had the pleasure of viewing, and it's a monster.  Following two former soldiers who become hitmen, the movie begins as a crime film, the duo carrying out a list of three assassinations given to them by their shadowy employer.  As the jobs progress, things become uglier and more brutal, and nothing is as it seems.  Mystery and dread intensify up to the horrifying ending.

Watch the trailer below...and you should go ahead and check out Wheatley's whole filmography.  Every one is a winner.

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