Thursday, October 1, 2015

Army of Darkness

Austin's a little crazy right now, as Fantastic Fest winds down, and ACL Fest gears up, and the 2nd annual Mondo-Con gets ready to melt our faces again.  I'm going to attempt to cram in as much as possible, on top of a seemingly endless amount of unpacking to do in our new house.  Man, my head hurts.

Anyway, one of the must-retrieves for me this weekend at Mondo-Con is the bitchin (look at that cover art above) reissue of Joe LoDuca's "Army of Darkness" score.  I have been a huge fan of all things "Evil Dead" and Ash for so long that i'd be lying to myself if i didn't at least acknowledge that it had a little bit of influence on my son's name.  So, i need this.  Listen to "Building the Deathcoaster" below and check out Mondo-Con here.

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