Saturday, December 19, 2015

Favorite Album Covers of 2015

I'm running through my compulsion to present list after list to you.  I cannot be stopped.  Here are my favorite album covers from the last year, the kind of stuff that should be on the wall of a museum somewhere, or neatly filed away on my record shelves...

5. Eartheater - R.I.P. Chrysalis
The symmetry here just sets my mind at ease...even if there are some disturbing images in the mix (grubs emerging from horse orifices).

4. Sexwitch - Sexwitch
I'm not really sure why i like this album cover as much as i do.  It's simple, but it's also kind of creepy...just like me!

3. Robocop OST
Jay Shaw's artwork for this reissue is gorgeous.  It makes me want to watch the film.  It makes me want to get a print of it and hang it in my house somewhere.

2. Run the Jewels - Meow the Jewels
Come on.  It's the Run the Jewels emblem, but with kitty paws and a collar instead.  It's adorable.

1. Blanck Mass - Dumb Flesh
The cover to the latest effort from Blanck Mass is just so visceral, what appears to be rolls of fatty flesh cascading against each other in an almost hypnotizing fashion.  It's kind of ugly.  It's kind of gross.  It's also kind of sexy.  I can't look away...

Hooray album art!

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