Friday, December 21, 2018

Favorite Reissues of 2018

Okay, so here's my last list of the week.  I'll have one more for you sometime after Christmas of my favorite movies of the year (gotta give myself as much time to see as many things as possible).  Anyway, aside from a bevy of new music to sort through and enjoy every year, there are also a fine number of reissues that deserve just as much of your attention: out of print oddities, long lost classics, compilations of old treasures, and so on.  Here are my five favorites, and while i usually don't like to rank things, i'm going for it here.

Check em out.

5. Julee Cruise - "The Voice of Love"
Aside from unearthing some early demos from the artist, the good folks at Sacred Bones also reissued Julee Cruise's sophomore effort this year, 1993's "The Voice of Love."  And for the first time on vinyl too.  Any music we get from Cruise is always a treat, and it's nice that this oft neglected record is getting its due.  It's just as wonderful as its predecessor, 1989's "Floating into the Night," and deserves your attention.

4. "Night of the Living Dead" Original Soundtrack
Every single year, Waxwork seems to outdo itself, issuing soundtrack after soundtrack that totally one-ups whatever came before.  2018 was no different with "Dawn of the Dead," and "It," and "Manhunter," and "Profondo Rosso," and more.  But i think my favorite has to be this 50th anniversary release of the soundtrack to George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead."  The whole thing is beautiful, from packaging to art to vinyl color (Ghoul Green!) to the sound of it all.  Highly recommended.

3. Cherubs - "Short of Popular"
Austin noise rock legends Cherubs' 1996 compilation "Short of Popular" got a much deserved reissue this year from Sonic Surgery Records.  A collection of outtakes and singles, originally issued by the beloved but now defunct Trance Syndicate Records, these little nuggets of chaos demand to blast your eardrums and rattle your bones.  Now, let's get that first album reissued too.

2. Popera Cosmic - "Les Esclaves"
One of those Holy Grails of record collectors, the wild, frenetic, and hypnotic "Les Esclaves" LP from French jazzy psych pop band Popera Cosmic, which has been out of print for nearly half a century, made its triumphant return this year, remastered for the masses. The record, made with the help of members of Space Art, Guy Skornik (who would later make all kinds of wonderful sounds for Alejandro Jodorowsky), a teen-aged Jean Michel-Jarre, and Jean Rollin orchestrator Paul Piot, is a sonic freakout that influenced folks like Serge Gainsbourg and Magma.  And thanks to Finders Keepers, we get to listen to it too.  Love, love, love this album.

1. "Unusual Sounds" Compilation
Mexican Summer's Anthology Recordings has a damn near flawless record when it comes to reissues and compilations, and this year's "Unusual Sounds," a collection of library music that ranges from funk to new age to jazzy psychedelia is no different.  I've had it on repeat since it came out, and you should to.  It's one of the best albums to come out this year.  Listen to the whole thing below starting with Keith Mansfield's "Funky Fanfare," and then just let it ride.

And that wraps up my music lists for the week.  You've got a lot of stuff to listen to.  Get moving.

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