Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Poison Ruïn

Upon first checking the band name and the album cover art, i was expecting the upcoming self-titled album from Philadelphia's Poison Ruïn to be some straight up dungeon synth, layers of spooky and festive synth tones to soundtrack dark, twisting corridors and Maypole dances alike.  And there's certainly some elements of that in the mix.  What i was not expecting was to be sucker punched with raucous bursts of punk rock and moody post punk tones tossed in there as well.  And you know something?  It totally works.  The band released an EP on cassette a few months back, which has sold out, and now those tunes as well as a batch of new ones are ready to drop at the end of January.  Check out "Demon Wind" below and pre-order the new record here from Urge Records.

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