Wednesday, December 15, 2021

20 Favorite Songs of 2021 that Didn't Come Out in 2021

I say this every year, but i discovered so much music this year that may not be new to the masses out there, but was new to me.  Awesome tracks ranging from everything from '60s Japanese pop, jazz-infused soul, library music, and Italo disco to folky soft rock, shoegaze, goth, and Brazilian psych filled my ears this year.  The sounds came from all over the world.  The songs came from every era spanning the last 60 years.  I've assembled my favorite 20 old songs of the year into something resembling a playlist below.  Check them out.

1. Romi Yamada - Tabako no Kemuri

2. Vittorio Paltrinieri - Mist and Smoke

3. Terry Callier - Dancing Girl

4. Brute Force and His Drum - Weird and Wonderful

5. Achab - White Summer Lights

6. Autumn Dust - Spend Another Day

7. Bob Mould - Black Sheets of Rain
I'm actually a little embarrassed it took me this long to check this one out.  I've been familiar with Mould's work in Husker Du and Sugar for a long time, but never really sought out his solo work.  I'm remedying that now.

8. Ozean - Scenic

9. Carola Baer - Nothing Left to Say

10. Lycia - Ionia

11. Falcons - Perdido en el Universo

12. The Electric Connection - Groovy

13. Andromeda - Andromeda

14. Claudio Natili - Il Miele del Diavolo
This one is from Lucio Fulci's film "The Devil's Honey," and is actually a cover of Franck Pourcel's "Morir de Amor," but done in a soft rock/yacht rock vein with plenty of sax...sax that does things in the movie that you may or may not be prepared for.

15. Mouth & MacNeal - Land of Milk and Honey

16. Moon Birds - Baby Moon

17. The Charlottes - Love in the Emptiness

18. Francois Bernheim - Tom

19. Mary Saxton - Is It Better to Live or Die

20. Milton Nascimento & Lo Borges - The entirety of Clube Da Esquina
Cheating here just a little bit as i couldn't force myself to pick just one song off of this 1972 masterpiece.  If this were a new album, it would be my favorite of the year.  Check the whole thing out (all 21 tracks) below.

Be back tomorrow for a whole bunch of movies i saw for the first time that didn't come out this year either.

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