Sunday, December 29, 2013

Found Vinyl: Bob Darin - Commitment

Digging for vinyl, i recently unearthed a late era Bobby Darin record.  For "Commitment," Darin shortened his name to Bob, donned a hat, and lost the big band sound that made him famous.  On the album, Darin takes on folk and psych, at times coming off like some country-fried version of Dylan.  That's not a bad thing, it's just leaps and bounds away from "Beyond the Sea" or "Mack the Knife."  It's cool to see an artist whose work is defined by one particular sound take a gamble and tread in different waters.  Take a listen to "Me and Mr. Hohner" below.

And here's "Song for a Dollar."

And finally, here's "Light Blue."  Dig on that funky organ.

Ultimately, the album was probably just an attempt to cash in on the changing waves of popular music in the late 60's, but it's still an interesting and entertaining listen.

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